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We Can All Blame Avatar For This Recent Star Wars Mess

October 17, 2010

I know this is rather old news but I found this in my draft section and thought all concerned Star Wars fans would appreciate it. Lord knows you can never have enough opinions when it comes to Star Wars it’s like a law.

….Word on the Twitter feed is that ‘after several years of wanting to do it but feeling that the technology wasn’t advanced enough yet’ George Lucas is okaying a rerelease of the Star Wars franchise in 3-D. FML. And what do we have to blame for Lucas’ change of heart on the matter? Avatar. Double FML. No I haven’t seen Avatar yet, and no I don’t really feel the strong need to despite my love for the sci-fi genre.

The disaster is scheduled to begin in 2012 probably right before the apocalypse. (No set date has been set yet.) Phantom Menace was ok but do we really need to relive it in 3-D? And Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith were bad enough the first time around, 3-D isn’t going to fix that in fact it just might make it worse. No idea if Clone Wars will also be converted but seriously it was just out in theaters like, 3 years ago or something and I feel no real need to watch it in 2-D or 3-D. As for the original 3, love them but really, Harrison Ford is still old in real life, and nerds everywhere can watch the movies on their large screens at home for free. Who really wants to pay to see a movie they’ve already seen when the only difference is that it’ll be in 3-D.

No I’m not happy or excited about this and I love Star Wars I really do. I just hate this 3-D craze. (Hence my refusal to see a movie in 3-D.) Maybe we’ll all get lucky and the world will end before the movies get released. It could happen and I wouldn’t really be unhappy.

…So those are my persnickety thoughts on Star Wars 3-D. I’d seriously forgotten all about this until I lost & found it. Now I’m simply rolling my eyes. But if this really does happen then I’ll be back at annoyed and making snarky comments.

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