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Because Purple Is Louder

October 20, 2010

 Photo Source: @Whyiwatch

Today is Spirit Day a day chosen to celebrate love of all different shapes and sizes while honoring the 6 teenagers who committed suicide recently as a result of bullying. They were bullied because they didn’t love who certain people thought they should love. The were bullied because they weren’t ‘straight’.

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As the pictures scattered around this post show love is something to be treasured and cherished, not something to be beaten down for. Love is worth fighting for, but no one should have to face what those kids faced. Which is why many of us are wearing purple today to silently yet passionately show them our support.

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If you haven’t heard this by now, it gets better. And it’s getting better every day. More and more people are ‘coming out’ and learning to be supportive & understanding when it comes to ‘queer’ relationships. Someday soon, it won’t matter. You can love whoever you want however you want and not be made fun of or be subjected to unfair laws. That day isn’t here yet, but it’s coming. It’s coming as fast as it can all you need to do is be patient and do what you can to help it along. Say no to Proposition 8, don’t judge, be there to help a friend in need, stand up for equality, there’s a hundred things you could do to show your support but all you have to do is stand up one small step at a time.

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This is my small step for equality, what’s yours going to be?

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