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Cover Me Giddy

October 27, 2010

Call me a nerd but, books have always been my first love and always will be. So when a favorite author starts psyching us up for their new novel by releasing some pretty cover art I get more than a little giddy. And with good reason, for when done correctly cover art can give us a lot of information about the novel within, AND look super cool. Just for kicks let’s look at the newly released cover art for the April 2011 books of two New York Times Best Selling Authors both of whom I’ve blogged about before; just enter their names into the search engine if you don’t believe me.

Photo Source: P.C. Cast’s Facebook Page
For those of us who had doubts about Rephaim’s hotness (guilty) doubt no more! Awakened, the 8th book in the House of Night series, has no shortage of hot guys running around (unless they’re Heath. RIP dude, you got pretty darn cool towards the end there.) possibly shirtless and with Smoking hot abs. If the cover is anything to go by. Seeing as it’s Rephaim whose’s on the cover this time around I’m guessing we’re going to be learning more about Raven Mockers, the evil they align themselves with, and his relationship with Stevie Ray. Oh and I guess there was mention somewhere of Zoe (main heroine extraordinare) battling evil and wondering if she’s come back from the other side completely normal. Clearly the covers aren’t changing any time soon which is awesome because I really love this style. The lack of a tag line is saddening but we’ll get over it by moving on.

Which brings us to our next piece of cover art.

Photo Source:

Abandoned the first in a new series by my favorite author of all time-Meg Cabot! From the cover we can guess that, if there’s zombies in this book they will be pretty zombies. (Only if the main character turns into a zombie.) Well actually we already know that Abandon is the modern, Florida set, retelling of Persephone’s abduction so with this knowledge in hand-
1: Our Persephone character dies but is not all dead. At most she’s only mostly dead. 2: The style hints at Meg staying true to the story’s Greek roots. 3: Our main character is pretty, no ugly swan story here. 4: There will be supernatural elements. (Hey sometimes modern retelling means taking out all the fun magic-y parts and ‘modernizing’ it.) I’m kinda going out on a limb there but hey it’s a fairly safe bet. An official description should be out soon.

So that’s what’s got me in such a good, but sleepy mood today. What about you? Any upcoming book releases your super excited about?

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