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Avalon High: Like it, Love it, and What the Heck Was That?

November 13, 2010

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   Yes! I’ve pulled myself out of my blogging withdrawal long enough to post a movie reaction/review type post! (Though I promise to be far more fair and accepting that my sister would be if she were writing this post. Though be warned I don’t do this for a living nor do I plan to so yes, this is a very ametor posting.) And aiding me in my recap will be my and Meg Cabot’s live tweets from last night’s movie premiere that will be posted all spiffy and professional like here on the blog with the new Twitter Blackberry Pie feature. (I know right? Where’d that name come from?) Hopefully it works but on the bright side I’ll have these smart little notes on the movie to help me remember just what happened when.
   And that’s kinda how the whole movie went. Where I was open and willing to love she was cynical and determined to dislike, however we sat through it because we are both big book fans. Now let it be noted that I can’t possibly be the only person who thought that Michael Jaffe was Meg Cabot’s friend and Vlog partner Michelle Jaffe. Right? Right? Ok moving on from my stupidity. Ellie Harrison is now Allie Pennington which we shall discuss at a later date say after the spoiler warning. Her parents were kooky, funny and entertaining much to my delight, not what I expected really but a pleasant surprise non the less.
   But the park scene!!!!! I fell in LOVE! May it be noted that every park scene was done perfectly even if they left out Ellie/Allie’s love of listening to rap music while running. But this opening park scene was spot on. A + And the high school! Gorgeous castle structure that matches a drawing in an of the Bear book Allie’s parents show her and filled with stain glass windows. Just, wow. I would have gone to high school if any of the near by high schools looked like that. Then we learned that Allie’s parents wrote the textbook they would be using to study King Arthur and that Mr. Morton’s name had been changed to Mr. Moore. (No reason given.) Though Mr. Moore was done better than I thought he would be, I’ll spare you from the Buffy/Harry Potter reference I made on Twitter. Meg’s thoughts on Allie’s parents writing the textbook were as such-
  My thoughts on the movie so far according to Twitter-
   Miles was written in as the psychic ‘Merlin’ character that would appeal to a younger audience. (And it was so obvious that he was psychic to.) Actually he was kinda funny and ended up growing on me. Hold your horses book fans we’ve got to get down to the spoiler warnings for all that is confusing you to be explained. Oh and much to my sadness Meg tweeted that the Order of the Bear was entirely made up which means I can’t join it. 😦 Oh well one less thing to add to the bucket list.
   Skipping right along we then had another wonderful park scene with Jordan Spark’s ‘Battlefield’ playing in the background which was perfect because in the books Ellie had to fight for Will in order to get him to believe he was King Arthur and save the world. Plus the song talks about armor and it’s a very armor filled movie. Like when Ellie sees Will and his buddies in armor instead of their football uniforms. However this park scene let us FINALLY see Gregg Sulkin act; well act like something other than rather slow and dumb like his Wizard’s character who is sweet and all but now we got to see him as a real man! I rather loved it. Plus than Meg told us about how she was inspired to write Avalon High because she saw these two teenagers talking in the park. And than that she wrote it while she had lyme disease but didn’t know it and I was a little grossed out but luckily there was some interesting plot developments to take my mind off it!
   Yes Ellie’s pool was very important to the book but to Allie it’s just one of the may ways Disney managed to make this whole scene look like it was taking place at Meg’s mother’s house; where the book was set. And then it was learned that HWSNBNITB has never read his wife’s book yet still managed to have some scary awesome thoughts on the movie. Also the friend burgers were awesome looking. It made me hungry for burgers. Than we were taken to a party celebrating the Knights big win and Molly Quinn gave an Emmy winning performance as she begged Allie not to tell Will she was cheating on him with his best friend thus putting all her work on Castle to shame. Than Marco showed up and caused some juvenile stink and Allie ignored the fact that Miles was psychic. Again. But not for long as he soon reveled his abilities to Allie making me worry that they might try to pull an Allie/Miles love interest thing. But they didn’t so all was good.
   Than Allie and Will met up in the park again and she dared him to a five-mile run. Meg and I had the same thoughts on this and it was the same thought one of her other characters, Heather Wells former pop star turned detective, had on the matter.
   There you have it folks! The very reason I power walk not run, ever. I refuse to lose my uterus. By now this movie is both sweet, funny in Princess Diaries level funny and than Gregg Sulkin started doing push-ups!!!!!! SWOON! I thought nothing could keep me from loving this movie now. Although the mangas’ theme was incorporated into the movie we did not get a Homecoming or the scene where Ellie, Will, Lance, Jen and Marco all go out on Will’s boat: this is depressing because this was my sister’s favorite scene supposedly. Now the only non spoilerly thing I can say about the ending is that Allie’s dad was wearing a book light on his head. Which was kinda awesome in a ‘this is the dorkiest thing my father has ever done in my entire life’ way. Now let this next Tweet be your spoiler warning.
   Ellie’s name got changed to Allie because Allie is the reincarnation of King Arthur not Will which is why all the other information we knew about Will from the books: his dog’s name, the name of his boat, how he and Marco are really full brothers not half, and how his full name is Arthur William Wagner, was left out of the movie. Also Marco is really on the side of good because his dad was in the Order of the Bear and when he died he swore that he would continue to protect Will. Than Mr. Morton, err, Mr. Moore is reveled to be Mordred which makes Miles Merlin and an epic beach battle takes place that involves Miles looking like he’s wearing a dress at one point. Allie wins, Miles says an epic line, the whole gang makes it back to the game in time to finish the big game and make with the big smuchies. It was an epic movie filled with girl power and awesome legends. I’m still not sure what to make of the big changes.  I mean, lots of stuff stayed the same which I loved yet the end was so mind boggling I still can’t wrap my mind around it. I mean I kind of loved it but the ending makes me doubt my love. I was so ready for the Meg Cabot ending that I can’t accept any other ending but if I wasn’t expecting that ending I’m pretty sure I would have loved it anyway. So I give the movie 4 stars and full intent to buy it on DVD. Now tell me, what were your thoughts on Avalon High.

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