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Congratz My Fellow NaNoWriMo Winners!

December 1, 2010


 50k words in 30 days. Some of you won that challenge no problem, for some it was a challenge, others still were trucking along right on pace. No matter how long or hard it was to get here, you got here. You’re a winner!!!!!!!

I’m proud to say that I had an awesome first time experience with NaNoWriMo. Sure, I’m now unable to go to bed before 1 in the morning, 30 nights of staying up until almost 2:30 in the morning will do that to you when you just have to write a couple hundred more words before bed. Yes, by the time I actually finish this book it will probably be as long as Order of the Phoenix because at 52k words I haven’t even hit half the plot points I’ve written out but hey if I can write that many words in a month than I can finish it sometime soon right? At least by next year, I can’t write the sequel for NaNoWriMo next year if I haven’t even finished the first one after all. I started out with lots of ambition and a really dry narration, wandered off into unplotted territory, started finding my voice by 12k words, lost motivation in week 3, found my voice, reached 50k, and lost motivation for a day before ending on one last awesome day of motivation. I’d sat on this plot idea for a couple of months and I loved being able to bring it to fruition. If I finish this I feel like I can then move on and finish all the other novels I’ve started but never finished.

I dragged a friend into this and she to managed to hit her 50k about 10 hours after I did. There were some awesome inspiration emails, word sprints and plot dares on Twitter, best of all I now have a 95 songs playlist on my iPod and several more on YouTube that were almost as inspiring as the playlist especially in week 3. Working on deadline was the greatest thing I could have done to make me believe in myself as a writer. Sure I still write 99.9% for myself, (that special .1% is for the times when I ask myself what cool thing I could do to grab someone else’s interest or surprise if they were reading it) but that’s what makes it fun. And if you don’t like what you write how can anyone else like it?

And so, I now feel inspired and very much like a real writer. Starting today I will actually have time to read this stack of books sitting by my bed, catch up on my shows, finish up class for the semester, enjoy the holidays and OMG I’m going to be so busy! I have to get started right this minute! Congratulations once again my fellow Wrimos! I hope you had as much fun as I did and hope to see you again next year!

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