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More Vampire Diaries? Heck Yes!

December 2, 2010

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 Not only does The CW’s fiery sophomore show return from hellatus tonight but mega awesome Kevin Williamson with the help of his partner in crime, Julie Plec a.k.a. the very reason for having this heart stoppingly good fantasy drama as a top priority on my Tivo every Thursday night (Damn you Thursday night classes) are in talks to develop a companion show. Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer (My other mega awesome vampire guilty pleasure) meets X-Files according to YUM! And if the male stars are half as delicious as the ones on The Vampire Dairies the show will surely be a hit.

Now for the bad news. While it will feature a set of paranormal investigators (anyone else thinking Supernatural here? No? I must be the only one with the Ghostfacers theme running through my head then) it won’t be in the same universe as TVD so no Team Blood & Beer cameos. 😦 On a side note Alaric is returning to the show tonight and ‘naked’ to boot. There’s as yet no script or network deal that we know of so it’s being predicted that fall 2012 will be the earliest we’ll see the pilot. Wait if there’s going to be that much awesome on my TV it’s no wonder the world is destined to end soon after that.

Yes it’s a little early to be jumping the gun on this one, it might not even get a pilot order, it might not get picked up, or god forbid it might suck but I don’t care, I’m excited over this. If you’re desperate for some vampy goodness to tide you over here’s the extended trailer for tonight’s episode ‘The Sacrifice’

I’d just like to take a moment right now to say that I disapprove of a Jeremy/Bonnie relationship. I’m just not feeling it. And my feelings on Luca are undecided. But yes Damon, throw me over your shoulder and carry me out I dare you. I’m a little worried about Jeremy this week, meeting Katherine down in the tomb? Not good at all. But loving Rose! Nice to have Lauren Cohen on my tv again even if it is with an Alice Cullen hair cut. Will ‘The Sacrifice’ top ‘Katerina’? I think it will. Bring on ‘the eyebrow thing.’

Can you tell I’ve been in mega withdraw these past few weeks? I think you can.

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