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Merlin-Day in the US

January 7, 2011

Photo source: Always Dangerous, Fully Fabulous (Blog)

      I didn’t cave! I managed to wait until THIS VERY DAY to watch the 3rd season of the UK’s hit show Merlin airing in the US for the first time TONIGHT on SyFy. (Check your local listings as I’m in central time and therefore always wrong about these things.) OMG it’s been a long wait. Will Morgana become Morgan Le Fay, Merlin’s nemeses? Will the great dragon being free change his relationship with Merlin now that he’s the last dragon lord? (Who will Merlin bitch at if it does?) Will the gay undertones become overtones? Or will Arthur and Gwen finally become a real couple? Will Merlin be able to hang onto a girl for more than an episode? Does Uther even have a soul? These are the questions I need answered tonight. I suppose I could consult with these questions but, where the fun in that? Oh OK here’s what IMDB says about this episode: “A year after her flight from Camelot, Morgana is found,dishevelled and bruised in the forest,claiming abduction by bandits. Superficially contrite and charming,she is still in league with Morghause,for whom she collects tears shed by Pendragon.” Theres more but who needs the spoilers? Enjoy your 2 hours of epicness spoiler free.

      So to tide us over until the premier tonight I’m including some fun and fabulous fan vids for you to watch and possibly convert the non watchers to the wonderfulness that is Merlin. Plus SyFy is having a Merlin season 2 marathon on ALL DAY until it’s time to air season 3. It’s like Christmas all over again.

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This is another one by Loopstagirl and gets a shiny gold star everytime I watch it.

More Loopstagirl, oy with the poodles already girl! You’re far too talented 🙂 Never realized how many of her vids I had favorited until now.

Because I ship Merlin/Morgana Posted by

Awesome Arthur video plus some footage of the boys goofing off, what’s not to love? Posted by

And thanks to Loopstagirl I can sneak in a little Buffy reference for the Whedonites out there. (Not that Anthony Stewart Head was enough of a Buffy reference all on his own.) 

Some Arthur/Morgana love (which I also ship) set to Three Days Grace, nothing could be more tragic. Posted by

Lady Morgana fulfilling the tough girl requirement Posted by

And last but not least, Posted by

No searching was needed for this post. I have a 40+ playlist of these on youtube which you can check out if you need more at this link Enjoy my good friends!

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  1. January 7, 2011 4:33 am

    Would you like me to answer all of these questions for you? 😉

    • January 7, 2011 9:46 am

      🙂 ask me after I’ve watched the first episode. If I’m going nuts I might ask for a teaser or two.

      • January 13, 2011 5:49 am

        Bahahahaaa 🙂

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