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Good-bye Lux

January 18, 2011

       One year ago today, on a Monday night I Tivo’ed this little show on a whim. Hey Dollhouse was airing its season finale later that week; oh Dollhouse. I miss you oh so very much. Back on track. Much like Dollhouse 90% of Life Unexpected’s episodes in its tiny 2 season run (13 episodes both season just like Dollhouse) aired in the year it premiered in, 2010. (Dollhouse was ’09 good grief how time flies. 2 years have gone by since the preimer.) Actually that’s kind of where the Dollhouse similarities end. While The CW hasn’t officially canceled LUX it’s pretty much a done deal and fans are saying their official goodbyes tonight so we can all have closure. Series creator Liz Tigelaar, after pouring her heart and soul into this show has signed a deal with ABC who also has breakout star Kristoffer Polaha in a talent hold. Kris Polaha actually guest starred in an episode of Dollhouse. He was the husband who Echo thought was trying to kill her and her ‘baby’. (That non Dollhouse watchers was the sound of every Dollhouse fan going ‘Oh yeah that *cough*crap*cough* episode.’) He’s been in a lot of other stuff but you wouldn’t remember his appearance on them for example: Bones (The Headless Witch in The Woods 2.10), Angel (Billy 3.6 as Dylan), Mad Men (Various scattered episodes.) Romantically Challenged (1.3 Jesse) and as Mark Evans on Eliza Dushku’s other failed show Tru Calling. (1st 3 episodes people, live it, love it, watch it. Than cry over predictability.) Ironically he also guest starred on Shiri Appleby’s previous show Roswell (‘I Married An Alien’ 3.11 an episode I have not watched yet so shhh! I’ve already heard enough spoilers involving Tess, Max and Zan.) another mistreated WB show. (Back when The CW was still 2 different channels, The WB and UPN. I’m actually old enough to remember this.) Obviously I’m kind of in love with him.        

       But how could you not? For a do nothing, spoiled rich kid who by the time he’d reached 30 had done one thing with his life and one things only: run a bar that he lived on top of with 2 other guys, he certainly turned his life around when Lux the daughter he never knew he had walked into his life trying to get emancipated. He was the one who told her that Cate Cassidy, the radio host she loved was her mom, who’d cleaned up his life enough to try to save her from having her best friend move to a foster home 3 hours away, who was always there when she and Cate fought, he went from being the ‘big brother’ figure to the cool dad who gave her a bong lamp. Oh bong lamp, you were shoved aside so quickly. You were my favorite inanimate character ever. 

       The show ventured into strange territory this season, straying from its adorable roots but right now that doesn’t matter. What matters is that the show is ending and I’m sad. I’ll miss it and will always have questions like, flashbacks, why did we never have Cate/Baze flashbacks and what would they have entitled of? Would they have been How I Met Your Mother like? Either way it’s something we’ll never see. Emma Caulfield pulled out some great performances when she joined in the 2nd season, Shiri Appleby still looks fab, Brittany Robertson gave some real tear jerking scenes, Kerr Smith was Kerr Smith, Kristopher Polaha made me fall in love and Austin Basis was rather under used. I’ll most likely cry at the end of tonight’s 2 hour finale. This is ok as in the words of my best friend ‘you cry over everything.’ Life Unexpected: The Complete First and Second Season will be available on DVD April 5th so hurry and put it on your wish list folks. So here’s to the end folks. It was rather awesome.

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  1. heroine_tv permalink
    January 23, 2011 1:15 am

    Ha! I love how often you managed to reference Dollhouse in this post! Kris Polaha was definitely my favorite part of LUX. Excited to see him in something new soon.

    • January 23, 2011 10:33 am

      The chance to see Kris Polaha in something new is the only bright side. And once the Dollhouse references started it was almost too easy to keep going. Sigh, the good always die young.

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