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Charlie’s Angels, Let’s dream cast

January 26, 2011

ABC has official moved forward with its Charlie’s Angels reboot. They’ve already started casting but the roles of 2 of the 3 Angels is still open as is the role of Bosley which I will dream cast for you. I won’t dwell on the history of Charlie’s Angels but if you want more info on previous Charlie’s Angels projects I recommend checking here: This post is all about me bringing to your attention a bunch of people who need to be back on my tv screen preferably on this show because I feel like dream casting a tv show. First up, Hot Bosley: The Short list.

Alexis Denisof: Best known for Wesley Wyndam-Priece on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Also for being married to Alyson Hannigan. British. Can do humor, serious, action, loving, bad dancing, and can make you cry. If he were cast as Bosley he’s be either the traditional nerdy Bosley who was always there to catch the girls if they fell or he could be ‘the cool’ Bosley who drove a motorcycle causing the angels to fall in love with him. (“I’m Wesley the rouge demon hunter.”)

Why he wouldn’t get cast: Someone has to stay home with the baby. Also because networks hate type casted Whedon Alumni. And Joss Whedon in general.

Acting tidbit: Angel and Cordy explain the Buffy/Angel relationship to Fred. Humor is had. Posted by

Nicholas Brendon: Best known for Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and being the guy who almost stole the part of Captain Malcom Reynolds from Nathan Fillion. I’m kind of in love with him. He’s been expanding his acting chops these past few years by doing the Santaland Diaries theater production, movies of the week and doing reaccuring work on Criminal Minds in addition to taking time out in his schedule to do various cons to reconnect with fans in an attempt to stay out of trouble while not creating a web comic. I loved Xander for his loyalty, his lame jokes and nerdy charm. He grew up a lot during his 7 years on Buffy and a chance at Bosley would only expand on that. The Angles will be in all sorts of danger especially in this day and age and they’ll need a supportive and loyal Bosley to help them solve the case and bring home the perp.
Why he won’t get it: Nick’s got great range and looks good in an eye patch plus he comes equipped with millions of fans. However the poor man has the Xander type cast to fight against if ABC wants a non-nerdy Bosley. Xander can only be so cool before he becomes laughable.
Acting tidbit: A great Xander fan vid posted by about all the times Xander’s helped save the world whether anyone knew about it or not.

Jason Dohring: Best know for playing the obligatory narcotic jack ass Logan Echolls (The Chuck Bass of his time) on Veronica Mars and Vampire Josef Kostan on the failed Moonlight. Since the cancellation of Moonlight he’s done mostly guest star work but has a comedic thriller, Searching for Sunny, expected to release some time this year. He’s got a charm that makes you love his characters despite a personality that looks terrible on paper. As Logan Echolls he was known for his delivery of excellent one liners and as Josef Kostan he was just underused in general but still capable of stealing every scene he was in. Bosley would give him the chance to show a different side of his range and girls, the man looks very, very fine in a suit. A nice perk if ABC wants to take Bosley in the suave direction.

Why he won’t get it: Type casting plain and simple. Bosley can hardly be a spoiled rich kid or a man who never grew out of that phase. Plus Bosley can hardly be a wise cracking jack ass even if they are upping his rating on the hot scale.

Acting Tidbit: A great Logan Echolls fan vid posted by gone2germany that showcases some classic Logan lines, displays some of his range, and is just generally awesome.

Brian Krause: Everyone’s favorite White Lighter on Charmed, Leo Wyatt husband of Piper Halliwell. Their love was kind of epic. Leo was able to always be there when the Charmed Ones needed him the most even if it meant getting in trouble with the Elders. He was wise, loyal, caring, ultimately the perfect protector when stupid traditions like White Lighters and Witches not being able to marry getting in the way. Brain would be the perfect Bosley for this reason. Not old enough to be an old father figure, yet young enough to still be cool and with it. Stun and special effect work? Don’t sweat it, been there done that.

Why he won’t get it: Scheduling conflicts. The man has not one, not two but four movies coming out this year. The man’s harder to pin down then Jeffery Dean Morgan.
Acting Tidbit: A collection of Leo quotes through the ages. Well 8 seasons of Charmed. Posted by
Enver Gjokaj: Best known for having an unpronounceable last name and being that mega-ly talented guy on Dollhouse who played Victor. (I warned my twitter followers that this would be a Whedon Alumni filled post.) This guy can do ANYTHING! And I mean that. Quite literally. The perfect man? Check. Russian mobster? Check. Soldier? Check. Do a better job playing a different character on your show then the guy currently playing that character? Check. Serial killer? Check. Air headed Sorority girl? Hell yes I’m posting that clip for his acting tidbit. And for those of you who’ve never seen Dollhouse, he did all that on one show over the course of 26 episodes. (27 if you count the unaired original pilot which I sometimes do because it makes me feel better.) So as you can see in the picture he would be the perfect Bosley. The man can do anything. I love him. I love a lot of men actually but that is just one of the many perks of being a single person with a big heart as your love for men on tv can know no bounds. Where was I? Oh yes. Enver could take Bosley in whatever direction ABC wants and still look amazing while doing it.
Why he won’t get it: Few people watched Dollhouse including the people who run the Emmys. I know this for a fact as it was never nominated for anything and it totally should have. This means one knows just how awesome Enver is. Plus have I mentioned that no one appreciates Whedon Alumni like ever?
Acting Tidbit: As promised, Victor imprinted as Kiki. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU Plus there’s a Topher tidbit in the very beginning. I loved Topher from the very beginning. He’s awesome but I’m not sure he’s Bosley material. And that boys, is why we don’t hit girls. Which leads us to our final Bosely option…
Tahmoh Penikett: Best known for being one of the many Dollhouse alumni with a last name no one knows how to pronounce, he was Agent Paul Ballard, and for portraying ‘Helo’ in SyFy’s Battlestar Galactica reboot. (Which is on my to finish watching list I swear to Castiel.) While on Dollhouse, Tahmoh went from playing the agent trying to take down the Dollhouse to working for them, watching over the woman he’d obsessively tried to find. It wasn’t necessarily a Bosley role so to speak but he did many Bosley type things, he watched over Echo, he always had her back, trained her to help take down the Dollhouse from the inside and always fought for justice, when he could tell the difference between right and wrong.
Why he won’t get it: I’ve no idea. Seriously I don’t. Other than the fact that he is Whedon and will suffer the curse of all Whedon alumni in that non of his other work will be as good as the work he did with Joss and all his non Joss shows will fail unless he is one of the ‘special few.’ (Looking at you Alyson Hannigan. Also I’m convinced that this is a real curse BTW.)
Acting Tidbit: I’m going to settle for this Echo/Paul ship vid posted by as you already saw some of his acting in the previous clip. Plus there are like, no stand alone vids of Ballard on YouTube. It’s not like he was boring or anything.
Coming soon: Angels! I’ll dream cast the remaining Angel slots for you soon-ish, as this post is getting long and I don’t want it sitting in my draft section for ages on end. (*IMPORTANT EDIT* Today, Jan 27th the remaining 2 angles were cast so the point of me dream casting it is moot. However Bosley still has yet to be cast.*) But right now I’m off to do some homework of sorts. If one of these wonderful wonderful men gets cast as Bosley I will jump for joy and blog all about it. Now tell me, do you agree? Disagree? Who’d I miss? I know let’s do a poll and if you select other tell me who in the comments.
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    Oh my goodness! an incredible article dude. Thank you However I am experiencing issue with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting similar rss drawback? Anyone who is aware of kindly respond. Thnkx

    • February 21, 2011 9:34 am

      It’s not just you, something on WordPress’s end is messed up (I think) as I have trouble doing things with the RSS feed as well. However I do know that the email subscriptions work so if you want to subscribe I recommend doing it that way. (Sorry it took me so long to reply, you got marked as spam for some reason.)

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