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Why No Movie? An Open Letter to the World

January 30, 2011

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This is an open letter to Warner Brothers and anyone else who’d be involved in making a Veronica Mars movie happen. This was originally supposed to be an email for but due to tiny buttons being close together on a touch screen only a partial message was sent. (I did receive a nice automated response thou.) So here is my email in full with some extra blog post-y pizzas too it. Enjoy world. Btw this post is spoiler free. No season finales were ruined for anyone who hasn’t seen Veronica Mars.

To whom it may concern,

I would like to inquire as to why it is felt that a Veronica Mars movie would be a mistake on your part and the people involved in the process of making it. After almost 5 years off the air this show continues to have passionate fan support in-addition to the support of many who were previously involved in the television show.

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As you might be aware Kristen Bell herself is campaigning for the movie to be made. This movement has been taken over by fans who’ve remained passionate all these years and many new fans who’ve discovered the show via DVDs and Netflix. The show’s untimely end still saddens those of us who’ve seen it. We were left with so many unanswered questions that it felt like the first half of a two parter, not a series finale.

I’m leaving you with several examples of how passionate some of us are about this movie. We’re not saying it has to be the big blockbuster of 2012, we’re not even demanding it be released in theaters, we’re just asking for a movie or at the very least a reason why we can’t have one. I’m looking forward to your answer.

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A petition that needed 5000 signatures before being sent to Rob Thomas & Joel Silver that already has 5,054

23,357 people haven’t given up on you yet. (isn’t that comforting?)

And for the record, 185,086 Veronica Mars fans like this on Facebook

Also fans have planned a #veronicamarsmovie tweetathon on Feb 9th starting for 12pm EST to 10pm. Fair warning, you’ll be hearing from us again soon.


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For those of you who have no idea what Veronica Mars is, it was a tv show that ran for 3 seasons that started off with high school detective Veronica Mars removing a naked Wallace from a flag pole and uncovering some interesting facts about her best friend’s death. It’s awesome and I highly recommend it. More info can be found here:
Need more proof of awesome? Here’s the opening credits from season 1 as posted by Chubzi

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