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Fox Locks in on Jesse McCartney

February 5, 2011

       Yes world, Jesse McCartney has landed the lead rule in Fox’s tv adaption of the comic series Locke & Key by Joe Hill. This is like the most bitter-sweet moment of my life. *Moment of Silence* Ok over it. According to Locke and Key

 “tells the story of Nina Locke (Miranda Otto) and her three children, Tyler (McCartney), Kinsey (Sarah Bolger), and Bode (Skylar Gaertner) who, after the brutal murder of Nina’s husband Rendell Locke, return to Keyhouse, his old family home in Massachusetts. There, they are pestered by an evil entity that’s determined to hold the family hostage one way or another until it gets what it wants. As Ty, McCartney will be able to show off his music talents. According to the character description, Ty was the closest with his dad and carries a special guilt for his father’s death. He isolates himself a bit by retreating into his music.”

 The full article can be seen here. J*Mac hasn’t been on tv since his run on ABCFamily’s Greek. Jury’s out on whether or not I want to watch. Love Jesse to pieces but I’m not sure the show is my speed. However I won’t write it out of my tv plans until after I see preview clips. always wait for the preview clips. Especially if there is music involved.

Speaking of music…J*Mac? One last thing. Where’s that new album you promised us? Hmm? Yeah, kinda waiting on that one cause you know, I thought I’d have it by now. Kind of hard to get excited about a tv show when you’re still waiting for a cd to release. Love, a fan.

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