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A Writer Has Fallen

February 7, 2011

News broke earlier today that children’s author Brian Jacques (71) had died of a heart attack over the weekend, Saturday the 5th to be exact. Redwall his most famous work with a respectable 21 novels in the series, was one I read myself when I was younger. They were probably over my head as I was often confused but I was always excited to find one I hadn’t read yet at the library for many a month. However his Castaways of the Flying Dutchman trilogy was the one that really stole my heart. The first in the series is getting a mini review in Part III of my search for the Perfect Literary Boyfriend, coming soon. So this is what it feels like to lose a childhood author. It makes you feel old in a way, like you’ve really left your childhood behind.

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Jacques’ work will not be soon forgotten and will most likely join the ranks of Tolkien and other fantasy masterminds. 20 million books in 29 different languages aren’t easy to forget. For more info on Jacques, his life and his work I recommend clicking here. What was your favorite work by Jacques? If ever there was a time to sing our praises for him it would be now. We’ll all miss his work and hope he rests in peace up in heaven.

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