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February 11, 2011

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Just a quick post today as I’m still trying to get some homework done and have been busy once again now that snow storms have stopped ruining my schedule. (Part 3 of my search for the prefect literary boyfriend will be up by Monday promise!) but this is very important news. The Guild has been renewed for a 5th season! Hooray! Everyone’s favorite gamers will be back later this year, mid to late summer most likely with more comicy goodness to keep you occupied until then.

The Guild was the first thing I blogged about after my introductory post but it’s dear to my heart for other reasons. (Not counting the fact that I won a free download of season 3 once.) It’s got great geek girl role models, all the main characters are well defined and likable (come on admit it, you think Bladez is hot and Vork is funny.) plus it’s a world you’d want to live in. Or maybe that’s just me. Congratz Felica Day, cast, crew and all the other good people who help make The Guild happen. Can last season’s finale be topped? (Can a special appearance by a certain TBBT/Dr.Horrible star be topped?)

P.S. Shout out to Marisa (Referred to on Twitter as BFF #2 cause I met her several years after BFF #1 who thinks I’m weird for having a blog.) who has a blog but won’t share the link with me and said she’d read my blog again. (I’m sorry I blog about every awesome tv show you don’t watch but I blog about other things too.) Share your URL with me please!

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