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Queen of the Cover Art: Undead & Undermined

February 26, 2011

Just another quick post today as I’m (still-This is taking longer than I thought) working on part IV of my search for the perfect literary boyfriend which should be up and posted sometime on Monday. Until then I thought I’d share this with you.

Photo Source

The third book in Betsy’s latest story arch (which is distinctive from previous books by it’s gorgeously different cover art) droops July 5th according to This morning one of my blog referrals was from MaryJanice Davidson’s Official Website which totally made my day as MJD is the bomb and having my blog linked on her site is an honor. (She writes humor & shoes like nobody’s business.) Naturally I had to check and see how many days I had until Undead & Undermined came out (too many) as the previous book (Undead & Unfinished) left me in a weeping mess of disbelief and shock. This was the first I saw of the cover art getting posted and since it was cool I thought I’d share it with you because that’s just what I do.

If your familiar with MJD or Betsy tell me, what was the most shocking part of the last book? Are we all in agreement on the final chapter or was there (in your opinion) something more shocking?

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