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And the Whedon Goes too…

February 27, 2011

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While the rest of the world watches Natalie Portman win even more (well deserved) awards those of us who couldn’t be bothered to watch yet another long and drawn out award show even if Anne Hathaway is co-hosting & Zachary Levi is doing a duet with Mandy Moore are doing something way cooler I.e. too nerdy for you. The 2nd Annual Whedon Oscars! The Oscars for the cool people. On Twitter.

And unlike the other Oscars, you can vote! Head on over to Whedon Osars and vote Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Dr. Horrible or Dollhouse in 1 of 9 categories before voting closes at 7 pm EST: Costume, Design, Cinematography, Directing, Actress in Leading Role, Actor in Leading Role, Actress in Supporting Role, Actor in Supporting Role, Writing and Best Picture. The fun starts at 8 EST time and will be run by @WhyIWatch. Last year the fun included guest presenters, clips of nominees/winners, and a chance to chat with your fellow fans. Hope to see you there!

*Some of the voting options are tough stuff! I was having a mini brain melt down for 2.5 seconds there. Luckily I have several “When in Doubt” rules to fall back on when this happens.

*Editor update: At the last minute I was asked to present for the Writing category, ME! And for the greatest category of all time! Now that I’ve presented (The 99.999% oblivious) Joss Whedon with an award over Twitter (For Once More, With Feeling Buffy’s musical episode) I can die happy now. Also I thank all my dance training for not letting me panic over under technical issues or over last minute implementation of ideas. Thank you @Whedony for the honor!

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