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Round 3- Still Searching for the Perfect Literary Boyfriend (Part VI)

March 8, 2011

Oh boy part VI! When I started this series of posts I never thought they’d be this involved and ongoing. I mean here we are part VI and I’ve still got 18 boys to pick from. And they’re all pretty cool. How can I pick out the perfect one? What test can I give them to make my literary soul mate come forth? And then, IDEA! *Light bulb moment!* The good trio of Whedon die hards over at Buffyfest started their annual Whedon themed version of March madness today and I thought ‘What if I stole their idea? Then I could just eliminate guys without having to give a legit reason that makes sense to other people!’ (I know I’m such a bitch. But I’ve secretly picked favorites and want them to win but don’t want to seem like I have favorites.) So here we go, Literary Madness. Let’s recap the contestants shall we?

The Final 18-

Adam Flood, Ed Fargo, Eragon, Joe Hardy, Alec Ramsey, Daniel Hopper, Daystar, Frank Hardy, Will Wagner, James, Joe Morelli, Christopher Maloney, Peter Pevensie, Prince Charmont, Jesse de Silva, Michael Moscovitz, Harry Potter Wesley

I know, how ever will I divided them up! Simple, I shall divide them up like this*:

Region 1 – Teen Lit

Adam Flood, The A-List vs. Ed Fargo, Fearless

James, Audrey! Wait vs. Frank Hardy, The Hardy Boys

Region 2 – The Fantasy Land

Eragon, Inheritance Cycle vs. Peter Pevensie, The Chronicles of Narnia

Prince Charmont, Ella Enchanted vs. Wesley, The Princess Bride

Region 3 – The Cabots

Michael Moscovitz, The Princess Diaries vs. Jesse de Silva, The Mediator

Christopher Maloney, Airhead Trilogy vs. Will Wagner, Avalon High

Region 4 – The Quartet of Awesome That Didn’t Fit Anywhere Else

Harry Potter, Harry Potter vs. Daniel Hopper, Daniel X

Joe Morelli, Stephanie Plum vs. Alec Ramsey, The Black Stallion

*Joe Hardy and Daystar were taken out of the running as A.) I love Frank more and B.) Eragon is cooler.

After mucho stressing (i.e. 5 minutes) I deemed Adam, James, Peter, Wesley, Michael, Christopher, Harry and Alec the winners of their respective face offs. And because this post is the shortest in the series, we’ll do it again!

Region 1 – Teen Lit: Adam Flood vs. James

Region 2 – The Fantasy Land: Peter Pevensie vs. Wesley

Region 3 – The Cabots: Michael Moscovitz vs. Christopher Maloney

Region 4 – The Quartet of Awesome That Didn’t Fit Anywhere Else: Harry Potter vs. Alec Ramsey

Oh the decision! Ok, James, Wesley, Michael, Harry. And now

Region 1 & 3 – James vs. Michael

Region 2 & 4 – Wesley vs. Harry

And our final two contestants are: Final Round – Michael vs. Harry

I have picked a winner but I’m going to announce him in the next post. (I know, so mean but his announcement has to be done right because I’ve secretly been hoping he’d win for a while now.) I swear I only gave this guy a little help in making sure he got this far. Adam actually surprised me a bit, I didn’t think he would make it this far. I had hopes for Christopher and Jesse but Michael was clearly superior. Don’t worry you won’t have to wait too long to find out who I picked. Until then, well, you’ll just have to guess!

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