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And My Perfect Literary Boyfriend is…

March 10, 2011

Posted by CatherineHepburn

Yes Michael Moscovitz has won for the soul reason that he saw me when I was invisible. When I first started reading The Princess Diaries I was probably, maybe too young to be reading them around 9 or 10 but they took me all the way through my junior year of highschool, through that period of time when I felt like I had no idea how to be human, how to feel happy in my skin, when I felt that no one would ever like me because I was so awkward. But Michael was there, he gave me something to believe in. Sure I may have wasted my first kiss on someone who didn’t deserve it but so did Mia, my all time heroine. And look at how she turned out! She gave me the strength to except that math and I are no longer meant to be, English and I are, that it’s ok to be a dork, that it’s ok to not be normal, you just have to be yourself and Michael was part of that solution.

Plus he’s so amazing! And sweet, and shy, and nice, and talented (singing and car fixing wise) and CUTE!

Posted by CatherineHepburn

Groupie #1 totally said it better than me but whatevs, HE LOVED HER WITH BUSHY HAIR MEANING THERE IS HOPE FOR US ALL!!! (Even if we may have somewhat tamed the disaster. BTW I REALLY want Mia’s car. It’s been my dream car of like, ever.) He also loved Mia despite her sports impairment which is awesome for those of us with terrible hand-eye coordination that doesn’t involve eating Hot Pockets. And now for one last mushy moment of happiness!

Posted by MaahxGarcia

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