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Epic Win – I Won Books

March 15, 2011

Just a quick update as I’ve just spent the past hour and a half on Goodreads (Yes there’s an app for that) and counting. Feel free to find me and comment on my book choices my username is Confessionsofateenagefangirl but I don’t recommend getting an account unless you want to get hooked (You can win books!) Which is kind of what this post is about. In the past 2 days I’ve won not one but 2 (TWO) free books. What free books you ask? Well

Are the Wakefield twins still living the perfect life 10 years after high school? Is there a wedding? Will it be like nothing has changed? Is there a drinking game for this? (YES! But ForeverYoungAdult is having site malfunctions, hop on the site search for Sweet Valley High Drinking Game and be amused. There is also a page on how to convert booze to m&ms for those of us who don’t booze.) I won this one from Goodreads and totally forgot about it, story of my life. And now I have a goodreads addiction. Why am I excited about this? Well, who didn’t read at least a few Sweet Valley High books growing up? Come on show of hands here, and while the books were not the most creative of books we all kind of want to see if Jessica ever got what’s coming to her or if Liz is still boring (though I always related to Liz) or better yet if Todd grew a pair. Actually I think Winston took over the world but that’s just me. Plus there was a show back in the 90’s and I’ve seen the first season on dvd and would recommend watching if you like A.) 90’s fashion disasters B.) Cheesy comedy or C.) Cheesy drama. A drinking game is very much-needed for that show. (Take one shot for every time we ALMOST see someone’s parents or we are given an excuse for not seeing the parents ever.)

 But not with this awesome cover sadly. I’m not sure what the cover looks like exactly as ForeverYoungAdult is sending me an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) though the book is on sale at a bookstore near you. Boarding school, lies, supernatural mysteries, the makings of a great debut novel for sure! You can read more about it on the Amazon page here.

Because I have been given such a wonderful honor as to get two potentially great books in one week I feel it is my duty as a devoted book fan girl to review these books as soon as they are in my possession. I hear this is appropriate protocol in the book/blogging/contest world. I am one for following protocol after all. Plus I want to see if I’m better at reviewing books than tv episodes. Not that I’ve really dabbled in TV recaps but I think book reviews are more my speed.

I know you all are totally jealous but guys, now I have to WAIT for these books to show up in my mail box. I could be waiting weeks! I could go crazy! (Even though I already have lots to read.) Anyone have any thoughts on the above books? Any good recommendations? A friend request on Goodreads? Anyone else totally addicted to Goodreads right now? I think I need to get back on Goodreads now.

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