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Bloody Beautiful Cover Art

March 18, 2011

So I was sitting on Goodreads (Told you I’d be obsessed.) and as I was doing the nerdy bookworm thing I happened upon Bloodlines by Richelle Mead which la! Has official cover art now. And it is gorgeous!!!!

Photo Source: Goodreads - DUH!

Isn’t it lovely? Very different from Vampire Academy (Of which this book is a spinoff of) which is ok because while it’s the same world as VA it’s still its own story in a way. The markings on her face remind me of the ones on Stevie Ray on the cover of Burned (By P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast) just a bit. And hello hot guy! This promises to be a good read already. Bloodlines hits bookstores August 23rd and you can check out it’s Goodreads page here. Thou all you really need to know is that thou the location has changed (California this time, see I told you this book was promising) the rules haven’t. Which is pretty much all we know. I can’t tease you guys about this anymore as I haven’t actually read Last Sacrifice (The final VA book) yet thou Bloodlines is rumored to be wrapping up some of those plotlines. Goodreads also says that this is a 6 book series which I find hilarious as all 6 of these books have pages already. (All of which I already saved to my to-read shelf) So are you counting down the days until Bloodlines or are you like me and trying to catch up on Vampire Academy? (If so what book are you on?)

Because I am a mega fabulous person who loves any excuse to log into her Amazon account I give you a pre-order link for Bloodline just because I’m awesome. Also The Vampire Academy Graphic Novel (Graphic Novelizations are all the rage these days) comes out the same day as Bloodlines? A fabulous day indeed. Also got a Goodreads account? You can friend me/mentally critique my choice in reading here. I promise to shut up about it, eventually.

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