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The Vampire Diaries Gang is off to College

March 20, 2011

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 You guys what did I DO before Goodreads? I hope you’re not like, sick of me talking about this already but it has been the bomb this past week and I’ve bravely been staying away from the recommendations section which would bring on a whole new level of obsession. So I was updating my read section because let’s face it, I’ve read a lot of books in my seemingly short life and there was major gappage in my Vampire Diaries section which is like, a big part of my life so I went to rectify it with the proper editions and all because that is VERY important after all and I caught sight of this little gem. More freakishly cool half faces! It’s like an L. J. Smith thing. Sadly L. J. Smith is writing The Vampire Diaries no more but this looks like a fresh start for everybody. (Don’t worry no Midnight spoilers as I haven’t read it yet.)

According to Goodreads Phantom is the first in the new VD trilogy in which the original gang goes off to college. This 416 page book will hit shelves on October 25th. Is it sad that my first initial thought was ‘Yay! Everybody lives!’ I’m shocked at myself for thinking this as surely someone has died. Caroline in the books is not exactly someone you’d want to keep alive much longer last I read. (Actually Tyler should be offed first IMHO.) And now the show is making me all confused about the books. Anyway my second thought was ‘OMG this had better be better than that time Carolyn Keene tried to send Nancy Drew off to college’ which is a totally valid worry because Nancy Drew in college was more college drama than crime solving plus SHE AND NED BROKE UP. And then he dated Bess Marvin for a bit which is so not cool. (I don’t recommend this series BTW. Just saying.) Hopefully the VD gang in college is WAY better. Thou how all this will end up working out is beyond me but then again I haven’t read Midnight yet. This is a fun piece of news for fans of both the books and the show as it helps to ease the pain of hiatus which doesn’t end until April 7th. Homestretch! Almost there. Here watch a preview clip to feel better.

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You can check out Phantom’s Goodreads page HERE and check out the other books in this new trilogy Moonsong and Eternity. (Warning there’s like nothing on there.) On the one hand it’s almost like these books are being written simply because the show has breathed new life into them and they’re feeding off the popularity but on the other hand thank goodness! Because the books actually do get better as they come out so if you gave up on them after the first 2 books like my one friend did than I feel bad for you because you are missing out on some great plotlines. To sum up, Hooray!

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