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Book Update: The Sequels Edition

March 22, 2011


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You know how Kiersten White’s new book Supernaturally, the sequel to Paranormalcy is coming out August 30th? Well guess what! The release date got pushed up to July 26th! No one knows why, it’s just one of those awesome little surprises in life curtesy of the publishing company. (Applause) Now that Supernaturally is only 4 months away from hitting bookshelves Kiersten has decided it’s time to start looking at contests to win an ARC copy. Keep an eye on Kiersten’s blog for more info on that which should be coming fairly soon. What a nice way to start your morning huh?

Speaking of contests the fabulous Ally Carter is also working on a contest to win ARCs of Uncommon Criminals, the Heist Society sequel. (Available June 21st) Keep an eye out for details regarding that on her blog here. (Side note, she’s working on Gallagher Girls 5 as we speak and it’s supposedly the most complex one yet. Also any movie rumors at this point for either series are false.)

And for those of you who are impatiently awaiting Meg Cabot’s summer release Overbite, the Insatiable sequel, nothing to report. No cover art, no nothing. Fear not, Meg has a one track mind which means once we’ve all finished Abandoned she’ll kick the Overbite PR into high gear so stay tuned for that.

And that’s all the sequel talk we can handle at the moment I think.

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