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Let’s Talk About…Supernatural

April 7, 2011

I want to get a little more personal here on the blog. And by personal I mean possibly taking a step back from the journalist point of view (if I had one before now which is debatable) and just, talk. Not report but just talk about it. My opinion and take on it with just a little journalistic flair for variety. We’ll see how this goes. Any who I’m titling this feature ‘Let’s Talk About’ and I have another one titled ‘What If’ where it’s even less journalistic but more fun. (‘What if’ should be fairly self explanatory but if the concept is beyond you I’ll explain it when I formally introduce it.)

So what am I going to talk about today? Supernatural!…And anime. (You might want to stick around even if you don’t like Supernatural because this post will feature some very hot guys. Like very hot.)

See ^ hot. Photo Source:

So anime. We don’t really have anything going on. My sister loves it but I really don’t care for it for a number of reasons. That being said, when it was announced that Supernatural was getting anime’d (If that’s not the technical term for it I don’t know what is) I got kind of excited because Supernatural and I are like friends with benefits and frankly you can never have too much Supernatural in your life (or Jared Padeleki for that matter). I’ve only been a fan since last November when I was pretty sick and decided to bump the first season up to the top of my Netflix que as some of my fellow Whedon fans were raving about it. And it was really, really good. It was everything I’d been hoping for and then some. It surprised me, made me laugh, creeped me out but not to badly and plus, hot! I fell in love hard, fast, and without regrets. Watching the second half of this season live with my fellow fans has been great and I’ve got my fingers crossed for a season 7!

*This has not been confirmed as the finalized version of the dvd cover art but it's still pretty darn cool.* Photo Source:

But back to today’s chat. Now apparently Supernatural: The Animation was originally done in Japanese because according to my sister that is were all the good anime comes from. But when the super cool looking DVDs drop on July 26th we’ll not only have a dubbed English version but a dubbed English version voiced by original stars Jared Padelecki and (sometimes) Jensen Ackles. Yeah for them!

I’m not sure how many fans will agree with me on this but the early seasons of Supernatural were by far the best. (Not including season 6 which has been pretty darn good thus far.) And the anime is going back to those early days where all they did was fight windegos and search for their father. It’s going to anime some of those awesome early episodes and give us some new ones mixed in. Fun times! And you get to listen to Jared Padelecki talk. This is always a plus in my book. Maybe now that the show has been anime’d my sister will stop bashing on it? (Fat chance. It’s one of her favorite past times)

For those of you who’ve never ever seen an episode of Supernatural I’ve included a handy video for you!

 This video posted by deliO15 kinda sums up the whole first season, dad goes missing, Dean reconnects with his younger brother Sam who’d run away from the life of supernatural hunting, boys go on many cool adventures that are sort of character driven (hence my love for it) and that’s all I’ll explain about the trailer so as not to spoil you in case you ever wish to watch it on TNT right when you wake up. (If you’re lucky enough to be like me and not have to get up until 9 a.m.) Oh and they drive this really cool car that has almost as many lives as them.

For you real fans, here’s the trailer for next week’s episode the first new episode in weeks! Happy Dance!!!!!

 Thanks Nueva74

If you’re interested in the anime then I have a video for that too! I like YouTube way too much. I’d request an intervention if it wasn’t necessary for my very being.

 Posted for your viewing pleasure by SPNtheAnimation

I think I can sit through that. I used to Tivo Scooby-Doo. (I acknowledge that Scooby-Doo is far superior to anything Japan could ever make but I have nothing else to compare it to.)

So are you a Supernatural fan? Are you Team Sam or Dean? I started the show thinking I would be very Team Dean because I thought we’d have a lot of things in common which we do but I fell head over heels in love with Sam. So I’m Team Both with a special spot for Sam which I guess means I’m a Misha Minion by default. (Mishamiegoes represent!) Anyone got a season 6 theory they want to talk about? I love how the show plays with supernatural lore and trading facts back and forth is something I rarely get to do. Feel free to comment and talk to me about anything whenever, I love talking to people online about this stuff because I rarely get to talk about it in real life.

What do you think? Does it still sound the same? I kind of like it so we’ll see how this ends up playing out. Stay tuned for…something. I haven’t decided what I’m talking about next and I’ve got a bunch of stuff sort of started. Guess it will just be a surprise!

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