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A Sisterly Review of The Coming of Arthur Part 2 A.K.A. Merlin’s Finest Hour

April 8, 2011

OMG YOU GUYS! I can’t remember the last time I did a Review/Recap for you but this episode DEMANDED I do one so I could continue to revel in its awesomeness!!!!!!! I am joined by my sister who shall remain nameless and isn’t really helping but she is letting me boss her around for once which is like awesome. SO. This is a spoilerific review/recap for season 3, episode 13, The Coming of Arthur Part II which aired in the US on SyFy, April 8th. Please pardon our fan girl obsessiveness. *SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE EPISODE YET*

Previously on Merlin: Morgana decided to be the world’s coolest femme fatal ever and trick everyone into thinking she was still good but slowly certain people realised that she was EVIL. She and her half-sister Murgaus conspired all season to try to kill Uther and/or Arthur but Merlin foiled them every time though he never managed to look nearly as fabulous as Morgana. Then last week the sisters got their hands on The Cup of Life and took over Cenred’s army of immortals and attacked the hell out of Camelot. (Bye-Bye Cenred) Uther was decrowned and Arthur, Merlin and Gaius are on the run for their lives. Gwen managed to save her life by lying to Morgana about where her loyalties lay. Oh and we finally learned Sir Leon’s name. (We apologize if Sir Leon’s name was said prior to last week’s episode. We also apologize for not realizing how awesome you were prior to last week as well. We are now your biggest fans. Also we think he’s died before but he keeps coming back to life which might explain the awesomeness.) Also that hourglass thing Merlin got from the Fisher King? That’s important too. Also that this one time Merlin had this not-a-werewolf-but-totally-a-werewolf-type-thing girlfriend for an episode? Freya? She’s important too. Along with every scrap of knowledge you have on Arthurian legends. And every guy Gwen’s ever looked at.

So this week the knights won’t take no shizz from Morgana and stand up for their right to side with Uther (but mostly Arthur.) So Morgana has them executed. Only them don’t end up getting shot the nearby townspeople do and Sir Leon is sad. Don’t worry Sir Leon the dungeon is a fairly nice place this time of year. (Sister just found a shirtless Arthur pic on Google while searching for a picture I want later on, she dared to ask why I would want it sent to my email.) And then Morgana finally got to tell Uther just how much she fraking hates him and it was amazing. (We only support evil when the evil is awesome, pro-femenisim and takes down those stupid boys. Also prettiness helps.) And just to fully recap what went down at the castle before we visit our friends the boys Gwen decided to betray Morgana by freeing Sir Leon and aiding Arthur in saving the day because behind every great king is an even greater woman, or Merlin. (You go girl! Liberate our new favorite knight in dungeon gear which looks a lot like what he wears everyday just dirtier. Actually that’s the only outfit he owns probably. Wait no he has a 2nd outfit but he hardly ever wears it so I don’t think that counts.) Sadly Morgana and Murgause caught on to Gwen’s plans and decided to use her to get to Arthur because that is what evil sisters do. (If my sister and I ever get our act together and stop disliking each other long enough to come up with an evil plan we could totally take them.) Morgana poisons Gwen so that they can follow her magic golden glitter trail straight to Arthur. You’re probably wondering how Gwen got Sir Leon out of Camelot right? Well after slipping him the key to the dungeon he came to her house and she gave him to bestest disguise ever!

 It was amazing. And it worked. Though Murgause still followed them which kind of defeats the purpose of sneaking him out of Camelot but Gwen didn’t know that they knew they were leaving. Anyway time to talk about the boys!

Arthur was sexy while looking dirty and depressed ho-hum nothing new here. Merlin babbled, Gwain was in the background being Gwain the one with awesome hair. Gauis was Gauis the wise one but no one acknowledges this like ever because old people are obsolete like Blockbuster. Oh and Merlin tried to get Arthur to eat rat again. Apparently Arthur will eat anything if you let it sit in front of him long enough. So then everyone went to bed because there was nothing else to do seeing as they were out of water and Merlin and Gwain were chased earlier so they were tired. But because it is such a dark hour Merlin decides to use the hourglass gift the Fisher King left him. At this point I was yelling ‘3 turns should surely suffice Merlin’ at the tv because I am a Potterhead. (You’ve no idea how badly I wanted that hourglass to be a Time Turner.) And after magically playing with it…he breaks it. Typical Merlin. Love the poor boy but sometimes it’s like he does these things on purpose. (Sister just pointed out that no one on the side of good ever dies on this show. I then likened Merlin to Jurassic Park and she agreed with me. I think there is hope for her.) But this ended up being a good thing as the water dripped into this other water not suitable for drinking and MAGIC! It is Freya and she is going to repay the favor Merlin did her by becoming…

 The Lady of The Lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It is at this moment that I decide that this episode is like porn for Arthurian crackheads and I did not complain. Well actually I did but it was about the lack of cheese in our refrigerator because this epicness deserved cheese and SOMEONE ATE ALL THE CHEESE! So I made dip.) So after a hop, skip and a dragon ride over to the lake

Merlin picked up Excalibur and made it back before dawn because he is awesome like that. Than Arthur informed him that amongst his yabbering he was wise almost. We were quite impressed with Arthur and his touchy-feelynes. But then Gwen and Sir Leon show up and chaos ensues because the immortal army is right behind them but everyone is saved because Lancelot and his new squire Percival save the day with some very large boulders. Things get weird as all 3 guys who’ve ever thought Gwen was hot were like all together in one place but of course she chose Arthur but gees Gwen you have more white girl problems than Caroline Forbes. At some point they journey back to Camelot while Morgana is scheming such evil plans even Murgause is worried about her sister’s evilness (all your fault Murgause!) and they are joined by Gwen’s brother Elyan because this episode is really called The Men in Guinevere’s Life, A Parade of Guys You Remember As Being Hotter Last Season. They then form…duh dun duh!!!!!! THE KNIGHTS OF THE FRAKING ROUNDTABLE AND PLEDGE THEIR ALLIANCE TO ARTHUR IN THE MOST EPIC WAY EVER!!!!!! Gwain: We have no chance…I wouldn’t miss it. Merlin: I don’t really fancy it. Arthur: You have no choice. Epic win people. Then everyone who wasn’t already knighted, old, a girl or a slave was knighted. (Because even in the face of danger and hopelessness Camelot is racist like that unless you are of color in which case they are willing to make an exception for you this one time because we’re trying to be progressive. *Note I don’t presume to think of the show as racist I just think these little coincidences are amusing because I have a twisted sense of humor.) Follwing that Merlin and Lancelot scheme to spill the blood in The Cup of Life thus unimmortalizing the immortal army and Gauis overhears. (Very important for later.)

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So then it’s time to storm the castle, save Uther, kill some immortals with Excalibur (Arthur would have been impressed by Merlin’s sword skills I’m sure of it.), after a cute moment with Arthur and Gwen and then la! So close to spilling the magic blood but Murgause is in the way. In swoops Gauis who was not hiding out with Gwen getting bandages ready and he goes all super cool all-powerful warlock on her and then Merlin helps and she’s dead. The blood is spilt and the immortal army disappears. Hoorah! And everyone is still alive. But wait! In comes Morgana and oh the screaming. That wasn’t human screaming people. That was electrified gut wrenching ear-splitting screaming. It brought down the roof that’s what it did. Right on top of her and her sister but then afterwards no one can find their bodies so we have to assume they escaped. So everyone is ok, Arthur and Merlin have a moment in which we learn that nothing will ever chance between them but everything else might change because it is the dawn of a new day where Arthur might take over as king for a little while and he and Gwen kissed in broad freaking daylight. It was adorable and my sister awwed with me. (This means the world is going to end on Tuesday. You’ve been warned.) We end with Gauis doing what no one else will do which is tell Merlin good job and Merlin gets out of cleaning their house by going to do something very important that made me almost pee myself in happiness.

 And then it ended. 😥 Sniffle. It was the most amazing thing ever and I am even more in love with this show then I was moments before it aired. I have a great big hole in my heart now that needs filling. Luckily there is YouTube which has always been there for me without fail except for those rare exceptions like NOT HAVING A MERLIN VIDEO SET TO RICKY MARTIN’S CUP OF LIFE SONG. Really what’s wrong with you internet? So in place of that I leave you with these lovely didies.

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Stay strong my friends. We’ll have more episodes of Merlin eventually. Le sigh. Did you love it as much as we did? Do you feel like you lack a purpose in life now? We do to so we should like, form a support group of something. Just a thought. Stay awesome fellow Merlin fans.

More vids because I’m obsessed!

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  1. adam permalink
    June 21, 2011 4:16 pm

    nice review.

    • June 24, 2011 9:26 pm

      Thank you! My sister and I had a lot of fun putting this together.


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