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Let’s Talk About…Angel & Faith

April 8, 2011

The 2nd in my new Let’s Talk About series in which I pick a topic and just talk about in a rather long winded manner. (And hopefully you’ll talk back.) I don’t know how many of you readers are big Joss Whedon fans but today’s post is going to be devoted to just a small part of the wonderful world he has created for his fans. And that small part is one of my favorite love/hate guilty pleasure pairing, Angel and Faith.

 Here’s why I love/hate Angel & Faith together. Faith was introduced on Buffy as Buffy’s ‘dark self’. Free spirited, didn’t have anybody to keep her grounded, no one to worry about, not a care in the world. And then she killed a man. On accident granted but it was a downward spiral for her. She was a great character and she brought so much to the show for these reasons. Unlike the rest of the Buffy crew Angel GOT IT. He understood what it was like to do things you regret and he wanted to help her. He knew all about fighting to redeem yourself for the things you’ve done, but Faith wasn’t ready for it no thanks to Wesley. Anyway after she committed murder she fell in with the bad crowd and started using her slayer powers for evil before Buffy put her in a coma, end of season. Many months later Faith wakes up and seeks revenge against the so-called friends who’d turned against her in her eyes. Swapping bodies with Buffy was a real eye opener for her but she was still spiraling so off she went to LA to visit Angel.

Faith was still on a down ward spiral but Angel wasn’t ready to give up on her even when she fought him tooth and nail and nearly killed Wesley in the process. But Angel still got it. He knew what she was going through but it was still a shock for everyone when Faith turned herself into Kate for the crime she’d committed. (Remember Kate? I liked her. She was cool.) And then things got interesting. We didn’t see much of Faith after that thanks to a little thing called Jail but Angel still came to check on her from time to time. Hey how’s it going? I had to sing at a karaoke bar today, how’s your day been? (< One of the many reasons I say the early seasons are better) And a friendship was born. Then season 4 happened. A lot can be said about season 4 mind you but I’ll stick to the Angel/Faith portion. Any who Angel is now Angelous because that plan wasn’t destined to fail or anything and Wesley doesn’t know what to do. So he talks to Faith. And we have some of the coolest Faith moments ever!

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When she jumps through the glass…man I want to cheer ever time. Because it’s redemption time people! Faith did a lot of soul-searching in prison and busting out of that place gave her the chance to test her new morals and wowza was it good. (One of the few times you’ll hear anyone say they like season 4.) Faith figured out a lot of stuff in her usual kick ass way and the drug induced coma she shared with Angel/Angelous is one of my favorite Angel moments.

So you can see why I love Angel & Faith together right? But why do I hate them? Because I worry about their friendship turning into more than friendship which I don’t know if I can ship that you know? I’m very devoted to Bangle you see. Faith really needs a boyfriend. Perhaps this is why I find her somewhat relatable. Not that we need men you see but it would just add some variety to our lives. Does that mean I’m worried about the new Dark Horse fronted Angel comic which will consist of Angel and Faith doing…something kick ass? Uh…I’m behind an arch on the Buffy comics and uh…(1, 2, maybe 3…er) 4 archs behind on Angel so um. I’ve no idea what they’ll be doing together other than being awesome in a hopefully platonic way and having some freaky good artwork. (Special shout out thank you to Buffyfest for providing me with links to these covers. You guys rock. < Follow them.)

Issue 1 Photo Source:

Issue 2 Photo Source:

                      Wake me up when summer ends and I can read these delicious looking comics! What say you on Angel & Faith? Like them as long as they’re not a couple? Do you wish they were a couple? Can they EVER reach redemption? I say yes but I believe in the good in people. I just want to know what is good enough to give them redemption or if redemption is a never-ending struggle. Maybe they’re just spending the rest of their lives trying to atchieve something they can never atchieve? Weigh in people. I need contradicting opinions here.

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