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The Liar Society; 5 Star Debut

April 12, 2011

Some of you may recall that I won an ARC copy of The Liar Society the debut novel by Lisa & Laura Roecker from Forever Young Adult a few weeks ago. Well I finished it last night and I must say I really enjoyed this book. All 361 pages of it. Now what does it mean when I saw I won an ARC copy? ARC stands for Advance Reader Copy so the copy I own doesn’t have the fabulous ‘In your face with my awesomness’ cover and they are more prone than final copies to feature spelling mistakes and grammar errors. (Not this copy as far as I can tell so kudos ladies for getting it right the first time around.) This copy also says ‘Pub Month March 2011’ in a little circle on the cover along with ‘Uncorrected Advanced Copy * Not For Sale’ on top. The back also has a little square on the bottom that says a little about the copy as far as what the ARC is for but other than that it’s just like a regular book that just so happens to hold its place in my teen fic section with excessive pride. (Side note the catch phrase on my ARC copy is different from the one used in the picture on the left. Mine says ‘Where there’s smoke, there’s a liar…’ which I think really sums up the book well.)

If you haven’t heard anything about The Liar Society it’s about Kate a student at this really elite private school who gets an email from her best friend who’s been dead for a year asking her to solve her murder. See everyone thought that the fire Grace died in was an accident but Kate has always been suspicious. And now that Grace is sending emails from beyond the grave does this mean that she’s not really dead? The first message says to start with Grace’s old boyfriend Cameron and a cryptic warning that someone will hurt Kate if she tells anyone she’s trying to learn the truth. The clues lead from Cameron to Liam a good-looking bad boy with soul and a taste for puzzles to the queen bees to the jocks to old abandoned buildings and teaming up with nerdy next door neighbor Seth who’s obsessed with conspiracies. (Seth was my initial favorite character. How could you not when he thinks the new neighbors are spies?) If you couldn’t tell from the title of this post I gave The Liar Society 5 stars. Here’s what I managed to type up on Goodreads last night when I finished it.

“I started this book with all intent to love it and it was one of the few books to live up to that expectation. There were a lot of factors that made this book great; strong heroine, nerdy side kick, hot mystery boyfriend, private school, a mystery, secrets, lies, and some very funny dialog.

From page 1 the tone and style of the book are there for you to judge right away rather than 3 chapters in and if the impression is anything less than positive than you must be reading a different book. Instead of giving us the important back story all at once the back story starts off as a 2nd mystery told in small sections every 2nd or 3rd chapter. By the time the back story is established a quarter into the book the main mystery is off and running (though it was there from page one).

Is it a murder mystery? Yes. A teen drama/romance? Little bit. Supernatural? That would spoil the fun if I told you. Was the narrative as interesting as the dialog? Yes. Did it keep you guessing with lots of twists and turns but not so much that you couldn’t keep up? Check. Did I love it? Yes. If I had to pick a flaw it would be that a sequel is needed for this book. Great ending, mystery solved, but hello! Not all conspiracies stay conspiracies. I don’t think Seth would be able to let it stay a cover up for long.”

I would recommend reading this book if you A) Grew up reading Nancy Drew, B) Love a good private/boarding school novel or C) Love strong heroines and nerdy sidekicks.  Thanks again FYA for picking me as the random winner of this book! (I advise checking them out as they are fabulous.)
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  1. heroine_tv permalink
    April 14, 2011 12:49 pm

    Oooh, thanks for the recommendation. I’m totally adding this to my To-Be-Read list. Totally my cup of tea.

    • April 14, 2011 9:03 pm

      I think you’ll like it, there’s even some Latin in there you can double check the translation of! [Because I know how much you love it. ;)]

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