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The CW Does Right By Fans in a Timely Manner

April 27, 2011

The CW announced 5 early renewals for their fall season yesterday and 3 of them are ones I’m rather (ok very) happy about. Shall we discuss?

20110426-094228.jpg Photo Source: here

Talk about no brainers. The show brings in viewers like Damon used to kill people. (Put that on the season 3 wish list – Damon to go on another killing spree.) Vampire Diaries is the network’s number 1 show in their target demograph and has been for quite awhile now. Getting a season 3 pick up was about as surprising as the first season getting a full season order. It was expected and took way too long to be ‘official’. While we don’t know what painful cliff hangers we’ll be left with this season if they’re anything like last year’s it will be a long hiatus indeed. There will be a new episode of The Vampire Diaries this Thursday at 8/7 central.

20110427-035508.jpg Photo Source: here

7 seasons of Winchester? You got it! Solid Friday night ratings + plot lines to make devoted fans proud = season 7! The show proved they were capable of continuing past Kripke’s original plan for the show and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. The one dark cloud in our otherwise sunny horizon is a rumor that fan favorite Misha Collins may not be returning next season as everyone’s favorite angel Castiel. As of now this is just a rumor so Misha’s Minions shouldn’t start panicking yet. What will happen after season 7 we don’t know as Jared & Jensen will again be at the end of their contract with the CW. But that’s for worrying about later. Until then we have a new episode of Supernatural this Friday at 9/8 central.

20110427-041839.jpg Photo Source: here

What is going on in this picture? I don’t know but I find it rather amusing. It also kind of describes my relationship with Gossip Girl. See I almost quit last season because we were just not treating each other very well. I watched this season only to see how a few plot lines got wrapped up and I ended up falling in love with it again which is a miracle because they had a LOT to make up for. Now I like it fine but it’s starting to fall back into it’s pattern of not doing it for me. I like the show enough to want it to end on a good note yet I don’t dislike it enough to quit. Several key actors have gone on record to say that they don’t plan on renewing their contracts when they expire so the show is winding down and I pray that it at least ends on a strong note that would justify how every many seasons we fans end up watching. (There is NO confirmation that season 5 will be it’s last.) 100 episodes is a big commitment for fans and we like to know it was worth it. Gossip Girl airs Mondays at 9/8 central.

Note: 90210 & America’s Next Top Model were also renewed but I don’t watch them so I don’t really care much. Also for those of you that might have forgotten the official CW upfronts are May 19th. A.K.A. the day shows get canceled (Life Unexpected seems very likely sadly) and pilots get picked up (Cross your fingers for The Secret Circle!)

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