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I Miss…Fan Vid Sundays

May 1, 2011

If you haven’t figured it out by now I am a big fan vid, fan. YouTube is my blackhole. I have playlists chock full of pretty, cool, emotional, hilarious and random videos divided by show or artist. So I love it when people post fan vids on their blogs, or Twitter, or Facebook. Come to think of it no one’s E-mailed me a good fan vid in ages, no one’s emailed me any videos of any kind for a while.

Once upon a time I used to get an epic fan vid once a week in my inbox because BuffyFest used to do ‘FAN VID SUNDAY!’ Fan Vid Sunday was like, the highlight of my week. Fan Vid Sunday started my YouTube addiction and I miss having those videos show up in my inbox every week. What happened to Fan Vid Sunday you ask? It just…died. A slow and sad death. But now I want to bring it back! So to kick us off I thought I’d do a couple of videos that have a common theme to them. That theme is carrying on and moving forward in the face of difficulty because (hopefully) that’s what the tradition of fan vid Sunday will be doing. So without further adieu I present you these lovies.

Posted by Luthien3333

Thank you video recommendations. This is why I always end up procrastinating when I log into YouTube. But seriously, I can’t believe the Deathly Hallows trailer is already being used for fan vids, and good ones to! I feel a good vibe here.

Posted by starryeyesxx1

This is why I love Angel. Last 17 seconds = My all time FAVORITE Angel moment/episode ever.

posted by starwars1359

Gotta have the old school Supernatural.

Posted by Liisakee

Of course I had to end it with the greatest Doctor Who fan vid I’ve ever seen. Not only does the song totally describe the Doctor but the collection of clips are enough to melt the heart of even the most unemotional fan. It is in itself a work of art.

And that’s the first ever fan vid Sunday, hopefully the first of many though hopefully with a cooler name as soon as I think of one.

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