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May The Force be With You

May 4, 2011

Happy Star Wars day! I hope you all had a wonderful May the 4th. If you didn’t have time to watch your favorite Star Wars movie today (A New Hope!) than I hope you at least have time to add a little Star Wars goodness into your day by way of several fun videos like these.

Posted by loopstagirl

Ah, just the way I like my Star Wars, epic and visually stunning. Warning I have no idea what’s going on in this next video.

Posted by loopstagirl

Told yah the things you can find on YouTube. And if you have trouble figuring out which movie is your absolute favorite may I recommend just watching the single greatest movie ever made for Star Wars fans?

Posted by VisoTrailers

Yes this movie is now available on dvd and it is awesome. (And yeah that was totally Kristen Bell btw one of the many reasons why it was AWESOME!)

Have fun my fellow fans. Stay awesome.

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