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Cue the Victory Song, Chuck is Renewed!

May 12, 2011


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Chuck for all it’s wonderfulness has always been a show where, when it comes down to renewal time (which we’re smack in the middle of) fans don’t know if they should be confident or worried. A bubble show from day 1 Chuck has had an interesting history on television, half season, full season, midseason replacement, full season, and one of the most dedicated fan bases around but ratings that frequently dip down into ‘keep this up and we will pull the plug’ category. But NBC has proven yet again that it’s one of the coolest networks in existence by giving Chuck a 5th season despite the lower ratings. Those of us who are fearing the Monday night season finale of Chuck more than tonight’s Vampire Diaries can breath a small sigh of relief because one can only worry about so much at one time. (Ok now I’m worried about Damon again. Dang it.)

This news comes from today’s edition of the Daemon’s TV e-newsletter. Their article on Chuck’s renewal (with information coming from also suggests that it’s only a 13 episode pick up but if memory serves that’s how Chuck’s pick up started last year and it was later bumped up to 24. While Chuck won’t be celebrating it’s 100th episode as most 5th season shows do unless the episode order gets bumped up to 22 episodes everyone can take comfort knowing they’ll have at least a couple more episodes with their favorite nerd/spy.

In true pull out all the stops Chuck fashion Monday’s season final will feature Chuck trying to save Sarah from Vivian so they can finally get married but are the effects of the DNA locked gun too much for even Awesome to cure? Will Sarah die? Will season 5 feature a grief hardened Chuck doing everything no matter how morally wrong to seek revenge? Or will the day be saved so we can enjoy another adorable wedding? Will Chuck & Sarah start season 5 in newly wedded bliss and a honeymoon crashed by terrorists? Will Jeffster strike up the toons yet again? Tune in Monday the 16th at 8/7 central to find out!

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