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The CW Rings in Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Return to Tv

May 13, 2011


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For the moment we are going to pretend that Angel is representing Sarah Michelle Gellar’s break from television. As you probably guessed, she’s no longer on a break. That’s because her pilot The Ringer with Life Unexpected alumni Kristopher Polaha just got picked up for the fall season. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Yet another year in which the CW is my all time favorite network.

You look confused dear reader. Didn’t you hear? CBS didn’t pick up Ringer, it’s sister network The CW did. (Yeah i didnt know that till a half hour ago either.) Upon finding this out I immediately launched into a conspiracy theory that primarily centers on the fact that Smidge is cursed and she can only succeed on television when she’s on WB/UPN which merged to form the CW. I won’t go into the whole theory here but know that I’m so very happy for Smidge to be back on my tv again. (And think that Giles should get to work on the curse thing stat. It’s not like he’s got Merlin to keep him busy at the moment.) It totally makes up for Life Unexpected’s soon to be made official cancelation and the Joss-less Buffy movie. (Which Smidge thinks is just wrong. Huzzah!)

Ringer will feature Smidge as a young woman who impersonates her sister’s life to escape from the mob but the sister has a price on her head as well. Kristopher Polaha will be playing the secret affair the sister is having. See? The show already has all the ingredients of a hit. Official airdates/times have yet to be released for any CW programing. They are expected to be released the day of the official upfronts on the 19th.

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