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Happy 10,000!

May 16, 2011


Photo Source: here

I can’t remember why Chris Halliwell from the future is so happy in this picture (it probably involved not pulling a Michael J. Fox and ceasing to exist because his parents, never mind. We’ll just call it a Charmed spoiler and be done with it.) but I know why I’m happy. You see this morning I woke up feeling really nervous about this audition I’m doing tomorrow and for a brief moment my nervousness got pushed aside so I could smile and start the day off in joy. (Once I got over the late hour in which I woke up.) Why was I happy? This little blog I started almost 18 months ago on a whim had surpassed 10,000 blog views.

So I just wanted to say thank you for reading. Your comments may be few but they mean the world to me when they offer up an opinion I hadn’t thought of or offer up further information on what I was talking about (and several of your comments do just that). I love hearing you get excited about something I post as much as I love finding exciting things to blog about. My dedicated followers may be a small group but I love them dearly (you know who you are). And to all the random people who stumble upon my blog via some of the most outrageous search terms, stay awesome people. Really, you’re search terms are better than a joke of the day sometimes.

So here I am, prior to this post I had 177 posts, 37 categories, 623 tags & 10,006 views. Now the only place I can go is up. It’s moments like this that make me so very happy I started this blog. We’ve grown together, most certainly for the better, and we’re not going to stop anytime soon.

20110516-043251.jpg Photo Source: here
^How I kinda feel right now. (Dang I want someone to buy me a whole lot of cute clothes.) Here’s to being half way to 20,000! Hopefully they’re all well deserved blog views.

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  1. May 16, 2011 3:57 pm

    Congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy 10 000, sweets xx

  2. May 16, 2011 8:41 pm

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks love! Always love your comments.

  3. Lucia permalink
    May 19, 2011 1:53 pm

    Congrats! Here’s to 10,000 more! ๐Ÿ™‚

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