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Castle in Comics? I Can Dig That.

May 17, 2011

I’m not sure about you folks but I’d watch Nathan Fillion in most anything. I’m kind of in love with that man and I’m not very good about keeping that a secret. So when I heard via yesterday’s email update from Fanboy Scoop that there was a Castle comic in the works I totally got excited because I love all things Castle. Of course I thought they were talking about a novelization of the Nikki Heat books or maybe some original Nikki Heat content but as you can read here it’s actually an adaption of the show. The article has some background on the author and illustrator for those of you that are curious. Now Amazon doesn’t have any cover art up yet but if this here photo is it than I’m kind of excited. Actually it’s probably isn’t as it implies that it’s a Derrick Storm (Castle’s previous series.) comic but I still think it’s cool. I think I’m having a fan girl moment. (*Edit, this is just a prop used from the final. But still pretty sweet no?)

ABC & Marvel haven’t started advertising this yet but September isn’t far off. However with Castle’s 4th season starting in September and the realise of the 3rd Nikki Heat novel Heat Rises happening that month as well it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re holding out for a big joint advertisement for the trio. Too much Castle all at once? Hardly. I call it a well deserved reward for our patience during hiatus. (No I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet! *Covers ears* I’m watching it tonight so no spoilers until tomorrow morning just to be safe.)

You can check out Deadly Storm’s Amazon page here for full pre-ording information. It’s expected to release September 21st. If you’d like to see the 3rd Nikki Heat novel for the cover art alone (And I advise you to do so) you can click here or wait until it’s September 20th release date. Castle’s 4th season has as of this writing not been given a specific premier date though some time in September is likely.

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