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Secret Circle is a go for The CW

May 18, 2011


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Oh what a happy happy week it has been for me on the fall tv front this week. If you’ve been living in a bubble these past few days this is the week all the major networks are canceling, renewing and picking up shows for their up coming 2011-12 seasons. This is the week that will make so tv fans jump for joy and others to threaten to boycott certain networks until the end of time. Once upfronts week is over I’ll post a full list of all the renewals, cancelations, pick ups and scheduling dilemmas as they pertain to me but for now let us all jump for joy at the wonderfulness that is The Secret Circle’s pick up. (Not that we were expecting anything less.)

The Secret Circle is a book series written by L. J. Smith of Vampire Diaries fame and tells the tale of Cassie Blake, her heritage as a witch, a love triangle and great evil that needs defeating. Kevin Williamson, the man behind the Vampire Diaries’ tv adaption is also the driving force behind this show. I recently finished the series a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. There were several trademark Smith details to it (nightgowns, what is up with her & nightgowns? Were they really that relevant in the 90’s? I thought we’d’ve moved past that trend by the time the 80’s hit full speed. There was also lots of Power involved if you know what I’m talking about.) but I really liked the way she set up her characters. Letting us think one thing about them and then through the plot twist and bend how we feel about the characters into the complete opposite of what we originally thought of them. It was a tad hard not to picture the cast as I read the books as they don’t always fit the descriptions L. J. Smith wrote but I think the cast was well chosen inspire of that.

When the pilot was initially being cast there was a lot of talk of the coven being condensed from 12 members to 8.* This saddens me somewhat as while the cast was a bit large each character had a fairly well fleshed out personality and served a specific purpose. Here’s the casting has so far. (Please not that additional casting has been done I was just unable to find the right article to quote.)

Cassie Blake ~ Brittany Robertson
Adam Conant ~ Thomas Dekker
Faye Chamberlain ~ Phoebe Tonkin
Melissa ~ Jessica Parker Kennedy
Diana Meade ~ Shelly Hennig
Nick Armstrong ~ Louis Hunter

As you may have noticed two of my favorite actors, Brittany Robertson & Thomas Dekker (pictured above) are headlining this show which makes me happy in a sad kind of way. I was kind of hoping for a LUX miracle but as 90% of the cast and crew has moved on so must us fans. And I love having Dekker on my tv again. So what do you think people? Are you as excited for this show as I am? September feels like a long ways off.

* May 19th edit. Based on today’s press releases it looks like the coven has been cut down to 6, so sad! But maybe some of the cut members will show up as civilians.

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