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Overbite Cover Art Shows Much Promise

May 19, 2011
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Excuse me but I think I just had another fan girl moment because this cover is A HUNDRED FREAKING TIMES BETTER THAN INSATIABLE’S COVER. Ok now that that’s out-of-the-way I’d like to point out that I will never be able to (pretend to) stop procrastinating because HELLO I would not have found this had I not decided to procrastinate on Amazon. (Ok it wasn’t really procrastinating as I really did have to delete some items off my wish list. I just picked a time to do this when I could have been writing.)

Now Insatiable was all right. I wasn’t a big fan of Meg giving in to the vampire craze but she wanted to put her own spin on it so I salute her for trying. I sadly, am known to enjoy the vampire genre from time to time, OK! A lot but I hardly think Buffy the Vampire Slayer should count as it is so excellent it transcends the genre. But back on topic. Insatiable wasn’t bad, it also wasn’t good. Which considering my love for Meg made it bad-ish. It had great potential and I was excited to read it but it just didn’t click. However I’m willing to give the characters another go around and that was before I saw this cover art which already promises that this sequel will be better. More war, more mystery, more sex. I think that was the biggest let down frankly, I was expecting better sex scenes. Sigh.
You can read more about Overbite here and even pre-order it if you like. While I won’t be counting down to July 5th I do promise to read this book as soon as possible (i.e. as soon as the library lets me check it out) and tell you all about it.
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