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Epic Love – A Tribute Post

June 5, 2011

As I promised last week this week’s collection of fan vids is all about epic couples and epic love. I decided to limit myself to one video per couple otherwise this series of posts would get really long and repetitive.

To start off with I present a couple that I never would have supported had they remained on their show of origin. But on their own show, they worked. While they were never a true couple, the writers certainly liked to tease us. Their friendship was a thing of beauty and was a wonderful thing to watch.

Posted by jennyhiggo123

And now the reason I never would have supported the coupling of Angel and Cordy had they remained on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The epic love of Buffy Summers and Angel. What’s more Romeo and Juliet than a Vampire and a Slayer?

Posted by XxXMusic4EvAXxX4219

And now a departure from the doomed to be miserable forever couples of the Joss ‘verse. Not that this couple was any less Romeo and Juliet. Witches and Whitelighters aren’t supposed to fall in love, get married and have children. But Piper & Leo fought hard for their right to do all those things. And at times the road certainly wasn’t easy.

Posted by charmed20

And now the couple that gives nerds, geeks, and the like of both sexes hope. The day their fake relationship became real was a very happy day for me and all others who’d rooted for Chuck and Sarah from the beginning. This season’s finale was a thing of beauty for Chuck/Sarah shippers, a wedding that over came all kinds of odds and almost didn’t happen.

Posted by veropsawyer

If you haven’t figured out by now that I’m going through my playlists alphabetically I’d like to point out that I am. When I reached the one for Doctor Who I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it. Did I want to post a video that would highlight the doomed relationship of the doctor and one of his companions? I am a die-hard Rose/Doctor fan after all. But there is another Doctor Who couple that I love, love, love that had an epic love all their own that I’m sure turned even more epic in the mid-season finale that has yet to air in the states. (Next week folks!)

Posted by SVEvenstar

Don’t worry I’ll have much more epic love for you next week in part 2 of this series. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I round-up the epic love story but I’ll think of something. Suggestions are welcome. 🙂 Happy Sunday evening folks. And if you’ve got any fan vids you want to share feel free, I love being enabled. (Fan vids are just one of my many addictions.)


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