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Doctor Who at the 7/11 – Matt Smith for Season 7

June 7, 2011


Photo Source: here

Do they even have 7/11’s anymore? Bad puns aside (Season 7/Doctor 11? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Nope? Ok.) this is news worth getting excited over. Matt Smith will now be portraying the iconic Doctor for as many seasons as the previous man in the TARDIS, fan favorite David Tennant (minus a few specials but its still pretty close). Steven Moffat himself tweeted confirmation before the blogs got to posting and reassured fans that yeah he’s got a plan, no he’s not sharing and please don’t ask. If you ask he threatened to have River Song shut you with her spoiler gun. Let’s listen to what the bossman says then folks. We’ll probably know more after the 6th season has completely aired as a lot can still happen in the final episodes.

And now all the Doctor Who related news you can possibly swallow in under a minute. Zap2it reported that season 7 will be made up of a Christmas special (as per tradition) and 13 episodes. This debunks rumors that there would be 4 specials and a 10 episode season. BBCAmerica will be playing the midseason finale of season 6 ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ this Saturday, June 11th at 9/8 central one week after it aired in Britain. (After this we Americans can stop walking around with our fingers in our ears but I think it’s too late for me.) As of now both countries are expecting the second half of the current season to return in September. In related Doctor Who news has some information regarding the final six episodes of the Doctor Who spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures that you can check out here. Torchwood: Miracle day, the other Who spinoff, will begin next month. What do you think folks? Is that enough Doctor Who news and updates to keep you busy or are you still craving more? Personally I can never have enough Doctor Who so I say bring it on, spoiler gun be damned!

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