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Epic Love Part II – A Tribute Post

June 12, 2011

continuing last week’s theme of epic couples and epic love as seen on tv we’re picking up where we left off. (You can check out part I here.) In the middle of the tv shows starting with D. Now I don’t have a video playlist for every tv show I watch or ever watched but most of my favorites are represented in my YouTube playlists. If you’d like to see more of the videos I collect you can check out my profile (that doesn’t have any public videos uploaded sadly but is very pink) you can check it out here.

And now on with the epicness! This couple was one of this show’s highest of high points and were a joy to watch. They had one of the most innocent yet passionate love of all the couples featured in this tribute. Their love was even powerful enough to transcend frequent mind wipes.

Posted by Eminemgirl814

Another Joss couple that had a lot of hardship and took WAY too long to get together. I loved these two from the start and are two of my favorite characters from the show. When they finally got together it was a major fist pumping moment. And then I saw River looking down at them and was disturbed.

Posted by danigirl00

Dear Dean, I’m single, look kind of like Rory Gilmore, love books (but not the kind Rory would read, think more Lorelei), have a 4.0 and am madly in love with you. Please drive your truck over to the Mid-West ASAP. Please and Thank You.

Posted by blondiebabex341

Life Unexpected was one of those weird shows where you would have been happy & depressed simultaneously no matter what direction the love triangle ended in. I won’t spoil the ending for you but, yeah perfect and sad at the same time. Cate & Baze were one of those real life couples or not couples depending on how you look at it. Anyway I loved these two and the song really sums up their relationship.

Posted by Luxfans

Merlin. How can I pick my favorite couple from this show? I have slash vids, vids that ship incest some of which predate our knowledge that it was incest, I’ve got couple vids of almost every pairing imaginable because I love all the characters so much. I guess I’ll have to go with this one then because the song fits the theme really well.

Posted by AmyLovesPrinceArthur

The third and final edition of this Fan Vid Sunday series will be up next week! Happy Sunday my friends.


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