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Epic Love Part III

June 19, 2011

Pretty late posting today but it’s been a bust weekend. Weekday posting might be a little quiet for the next few weeks as I work on summer classes so I can be that much closer to graduating tech college this time next year. Parts I and II of this series of fan vids can be viewed here and here. This series of posts celebrates epic love in some of my favorite tv shows.

Last week we left off with Merlin which means working down my list of playlists in alphabetical order we’re starting this post off with…

Posted by incrowder

Max and Liz are one of my all time favorite couples from tv ever and this video shows how tragically beautiful they could be at times.

Posted by invasionfan2

Why waste a video on a couple that didn’t last very long (Or never had/will happen) when you can have Jared Padelecki sexing and shirtless and oh my god I could watch this stuff all day. Why are all the hot ones married?

Posted by nialleIO9

Why do I have a Delena video in my Vampire Diaries playlist despite my devoted Team Stelena-ness? Um, I’ve no idea but isn’t it a pretty video? (Note to self, put some Stelena love in the TVD playlist.)

Last but never least, the love that didn’t come easy.

Posted by ATallDrinkOfWater

OMG I could not have picked a better couple to end with if I’d planned it. Who’s love was more complicated and epic than Veronica and Logan’s? They invented the epic love. In my mind they are secretly together right now. If we ever get a Veronica Mars movie it will feature LoVe alive and well.

So that’s the end of our epic love series. Next week’s fan vid Sunday will feature…something totally awesome. I just have no idea what that will be yet.

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