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Parody Sunday

June 26, 2011

See I told you I’d find a new theme for this weekly post. I like parodys and have a lot of them stored on my YouTube playlists. Here are some entertaining parodys for the Enrique Iglesias hit ‘Tonight I’m Lovin You’

Posted by Strawburry17

Ok just to be clear I’m not an anime/cartoon geek. I don’t really understand Pokemon references at all I just think this song is kinda cute and I’m a fan of some of the people in the video. If you’d like to purchase this song from iTunes you can do so via this link because supporting indie music is cool.

Posted by BreakOriginals

Why isn’t this on iTunes?!?! I need this on my iPod so badly. This video/song is like, I want to marry it it’s so fraking lovely. Only bad part is that you can’t make you that he’s singing ‘Dollhouse’s cancellation hurt like Luke’s amputation’ which is like, so amazingly true it’s creepy. Please tell me Comic Cons are JUST LIKE THIS.

And because I always post 3 videos and don’t have another Tonight I’m Lovin You parody you get this little gem because you know, Deathly Hallows part 2 is almost out! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

Posted by AlexCarpenter

Support Wrock (Wizard Rock) and awesomeness here because it is awesome. Now I need to go jam out to other Harry Potter themed music.

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