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Jason Dohring back on Tv!

August 29, 2011

Yes folks, everyone’s favorite obligatory psychotic jackass turned love of Veronica Mars’ life is returning to your tv. The CW to be precise. Mr. Dohring will be playing a teacher on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new fall drama Ringer who takes interest in one of her character’s step daughter. I for one could not be more excited by this news. Jason was sadly under used in Moonlight which is the most noteworthy show he’s done since the tiny blond one with a camera was canceled. Him playing a vampire should have been great, instead it was just disappointing in the long run. I’m hoping his run on Ringer is long, prosperous, shirtless and filled with many one liners. Essentially I want him to be Logan Echolls all over again.

You can read a lovely article with all the details on his role here. Frankly if Jason Dohring was my teacher I would completely change my opinion on people who have affairs with their teachers. Yes I’m way to in love with him. No my boyfriend doesn’t know this yet. I will break up with all my tv boyfriends, eventually.

Because I am currently unable to control my happiness over this I’m going to let you express your joy over this news in the comments because really what else is there to say other than how awesome it is to have Jason Dohring back on TV? God I love these last few weeks before fall shows come back, never a dull moment on Twitter. Everyday is like An Echolls Family Christmas or something. Ringer will premier on The CW Tuesday September 13 at 9/8 central which is Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s old time slot if I recall my Slayer facts correctly. This show is fast becoming a blast from brilliant tv of the not to distant past and I like it. 🙂

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