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Q: What’s up with your choices in tv, movies, music, books, etcetera?

A: I’m a very random person I like a lot of different things.

Q: What’s up with the name? How old are you?

A: The name fits, it’s cute and I love it. As for my age I won’t tell you but I’ll give you a clue, I’m young enough that it’s still socially acceptable to live with my mother. So younger than Howard Walowitz yet old enough to watch Heathers and enjoy the crap out of it.

Q: Where have I heard your tagline (Geek chic in overdrive) before?

A: It’s the Nerd Herd motto you know from Chuck?

Q: Is this a girls only blog?

A: Frak no. We love our fan boys! But I am a girl so I will be blogging on lots of girl stuff but would still love a guy’s opinion on things. Many things will be non-gender specific but be warned of some girly moments.

Q: What’s up with your picture skills? Lame.

A: I’m trying! So what if my picture placement is repeatative and predictable? I use them, list the photo source and always try to find interesting ones.

Q: I have a question/comment/concern/link to a really cool piece of fan fic/some other really random reason and I need to contact you so how do I do it?

A: If it’s even somewhat related to a recent post go ahead and post it in the comments. You can also contact me via my Twitter account Ash131618. I also set up a Facebook fan page for the blog that you can use to contact me as well. (!/pages/Confessions-of-a-teenage-fangirl/368140979190) If you don’t have Twitter or Facebook account comment somewhere on the blog and we’ll go from there.

Q: Does the blog have a myspace page?

A: No but the blog does have a Facebook fan page (See above link); Myspace is kinda dated and lame. Nor does the blog have its own twitter account but you can talk to me personally on mine about any blog related things. Again my twitter name is Ash131618.

Q: Have you ever been asked these questions? Or are you making them up because you’re bored?

A: No, but I might and this is funnier than a bio page and more entertaining to type out. Plus I’m now prepared for the day some one actually wants to know the answer to these questions.

I never said I was bored.

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  1. April 2, 2011 3:29 pm

    (Just read the last question. Kinda giggled. 😛 x)

    • April 2, 2011 11:14 pm

      Yes! My life long goal is complete!

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