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Interview With Myself

Everything you ever wanted to know about me that isn’t in the About page.

Name: Ashley

Primary Aliases: Ash131618, Anonymous, ‘The chick who watched Buffy’

Age: In College

Life Motto: “The Fear of Failure Drives Me To Succeed” I got that from Gregg Sulkin’s Twitter Bio. No judging.

Love & Dating Philosophy: Dating is a time paradox. Also potential soul mates are like dresses, you have to find one you love, makes you look good-by feeling good and be able to afford it in the even that you actually find one. Sometimes you may be forced to decide between two mega awesome choices, the reason some people end up unhappy is the fact that they picked the wrong dress, er soul mate.

Occupation: Does this blog count? How about writing novels that I haven’t tried to publish yet?

Approximate Location: The MidWest.

TV/Book Deal Breaker: Anything where children are mistreated, unnecessary nudity, Chaucer style dialogue, anything that looks boring.

Do You Have A Religion: I worship Joss Whedon and believe in angels.

Real Life Career Goal: Kindergarten teacher, published writer.

Secret Writing Goal: To write awesome Franscine Pascal level fight scenes (Fearless/Fearless FBI not Sweet Valley). I’ve already got the wit of MaryJanice Davidson down.

Hobbies: Working out, Dance, Destination Imagination, Robotics: Reading & watching tv goes without saying I think.

If One Hangout From Your Favorite Show Was Real Which One Would It Be: The Buy More is classic but I’d have to go with either Luke’s Diner (Gilmore Girls) or P3 (Charmed).

If You Found Out That You’re Actually A Book Character And Someone Is Writing Out Your Next Move As We Speak Who Would You Want Writing Your Story: Top 3? Meg Cabot, Kim Harrison and Amber Benson.

Person You’d Want To Play You In The Movie Version Of Your Life: Summer Glau? LOL. Kristen Bell totally. Or maybe Lucy Hale. Cobie Smulders later in life for sure.

Pets/Side kicks: 2 11-year-old cats and a poodle terrier mix.

What Would You Do If Your Best Friend Developed SuperPowers and You Didn’t: One of my best friends got a Hogwarts letter and I didn’t. I called her a bitch and moved on.

Real Life Places You Want To Go: California, Hawaii, Vancouver, London, Paris, Venice and Vienna.

Dream SuperPower: Can’t I just be a Goddess? Ok, telekinesis.

What Color Would Your SuperHeroine Suit Be: Hot Pink and rhinestone.

First Celebrity Crush: Daniel Radcliff in Sorcerer’s Stone.

Theme Song: Brave New Girl by Britney Spears/ Just A Girl by No Doubt

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  1. February 27, 2011 4:07 am

    Oh, hi, Brain Twin 😛


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