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A Brief Word on Deathly Hallows Part 2

July 15, 2011


Photo Source here

This is a real quick update again but yes I, along with several nerd friends and about 2 hundred other people stood in line outside the local movie theater in the middle of the night so we could see Harry Potter at midnight. The whole experience was amazing and perfect. I have pictures & some footage that I’m putting together that I hope to share with you. We got to dress up, run around like dorks, be total nerds, and talk to some really great people. (a lot of who were fellow Doctor Who fans.) and there were so many hot boys in uniforms it was crazy.

How was the movie? It was everything I wanted it to be. Sure some things were left out but new ones were added that were just as good. I laughed, spent a half hour crying, cheered, was struck with serious nostalgia over the littlest things and when it was all over, man it was the most powerful feeling in the world. Because yes it was over but in a way it was still only just beginning.

The defining moment of my childhood may be over but sometimes it’s still possible to stay a kid forever.

And Neville ‚̧ forever!


A Collection of Whedon type Photos

July 12, 2011

I know I promised to post these Cabin in the Woods photos for you yesterday but the only time I had to blog yesterday happened to be when I had no Internet. Kinda hard to do that without wifi so here it is a day late but to make up for my lateness I’m including the newly released cover art for Angel & Faith #3 & Buffy the Vampire Slayer #2.

The fan made poster that had the whole Internet hopeful for an October release…

Photo Source: here

No release date has technically been released yet but we finally got a set photo! With Fran Kranz in it! Epic happiness. ūüôā

Photo Source: here

The last few images all come to you curtesy of and the full article can be seen here. I’m not sure how I feel about these Buffy ones frankly.

Not sure what’s going on in that one but this second one is pretty cool.


And now for the Angel & Faith! If the inside art is anything like the cover art then this is going to be a fabulous set of comics.


Of all the covers for Angel & Faith we’ve seen so far I think this one is one of my favorites.


So there you have it. Which cover is your favorite out of the 4?

Another Whedon Alum Joins Supernatural – About Time!

July 10, 2011

Hello readers! Sorry for the radio silence this past week or so, life got busy so as far as I was concerned it was a slow news week. Except for the Cabin in the Woods stuff (sadly no release date yet but I might put the photos up tomorrow for those of you who haven’t seen them yet). Even with a busy life I still manage to keep up with the exciting Joss Whedon related news because as some frequent readers may know, the man is god. So the point of this story was that I finally had the time/motivation to read my Facebook live feed and it was all pretty boring apart from this one little link from the always awesome


Photo Source: here

Yeah if I wasn’t in a general all around happy mood already this would do it. Jewel Staite¬†of Firefly & Stargate¬†Atlantis fame will be¬†guest¬†starring¬†in episode 3 of Supernatural’s 7th season a.k.a. the episode directed by series¬†star Jensen Ackles. It will be a flashback episode where Sam (Jared Padelecki) runs into his old friend Amy (Jewel) while on a hunt. Amy’s flashback self has yet to be cast but fan favorite Colin Ford will be back as young Sam. The episode will air October 7th which feels really far away. You can (and should) read the full Zap2it article here¬†because they are awesome.

One reason many Joss fans love Supernatural (besides its general awesomeness) is its¬†dedication to bringing us fabulous guest stars particularly¬†from the Whedon¬†verse. Jewel will be the latest in a growing list of female Whedon¬†alums who’ve guest starred¬†on the show: Amy Acker, Julie Benz, Mercedes McNab, Amber Benson and Summer Glau¬†was this close to playing a zombie this one time. Now that we’ve had all these awesome girls on the show it’s time to get some Whedony¬†guys on it! I’m hoping for Nick Brendon, James Marsters¬†and Fran Kranz personally.

Parody Sunday

June 26, 2011

See I told you I’d find a new theme for this weekly post. I like parodys¬†and have a lot of them stored on my YouTube playlists. Here are some entertaining parodys¬†for the Enrique Iglesias hit ‘Tonight I’m Lovin You’

Posted by Strawburry17

Ok just to be clear I’m not an anime/cartoon geek. I don’t really understand Pokemon references at all I just think this song is kinda cute and I’m a fan of some of the people in the video. If you’d like to purchase this song from iTunes you can do so via this link because supporting indie music is cool.

Posted by BreakOriginals

Why isn’t this on iTunes?!?! I need this on my iPod so badly. This video/song is like, I want to marry it it’s so fraking¬†lovely. Only bad part is that you can’t make you that he’s singing ‘Dollhouse’s¬†cancellation hurt like Luke’s amputation’ which is like, so amazingly true it’s creepy. Please tell me Comic Cons are JUST LIKE THIS.

And because I always post 3 videos and don’t have another Tonight I’m Lovin¬†You parody you get this little gem because you know, Deathly Hallows part 2 is almost out! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

Posted by AlexCarpenter

Support Wrock (Wizard Rock) and awesomeness here because it is awesome. Now I need to go jam out to other Harry Potter themed music.

Epic Love Part III

June 19, 2011

Pretty late posting today but it’s been a bust weekend. Weekday posting might be a little quiet for the next¬†few weeks as I work on summer classes so I can be that much closer to graduating tech college this time next year. Parts I and II of this series of fan vids can be viewed here and here. This series of posts celebrates epic love in some of my favorite tv shows.

Last week we left off with Merlin which means working down my list of playlists in alphabetical order we’re starting this post off with…

Posted by incrowder

Max and Liz are one of my all time favorite couples from tv ever and this video shows how tragically beautiful they could be at times.

Posted by invasionfan2

Why waste a video on a couple that didn’t last very long (Or never had/will happen) when you can have Jared Padelecki¬†sexing and shirtless and oh my god I could watch this stuff all day. Why are all the hot ones married?

Posted by nialleIO9

Why do I have a Delena¬†video in my Vampire Diaries playlist despite my devoted¬†Team Stelena-ness? Um, I’ve no idea but isn’t it a pretty video? (Note to self, put some Stelena¬†love in the TVD playlist.)

Last but never least, the love that didn’t come easy.

Posted by ATallDrinkOfWater

OMG I could not have picked a better couple to end with if I’d planned it. Who’s love was more complicated and epic than Veronica and Logan’s? They invented the epic love. In my mind they are secretly together right now. If we ever get a Veronica Mars movie it will feature LoVe alive and well.

So that’s the end of our epic love series. Next week’s fan vid Sunday will feature…something totally awesome. I just have no idea what that will be yet.

Epic Love Part II – A Tribute Post

June 12, 2011

continuing last week’s theme of epic couples and epic love as seen on tv we’re picking up where we left off. (You can check out part I here.) In the middle of the tv shows starting with D. Now I don’t have a video playlist for every tv show I watch or ever watched but most of my favorites are represented in my YouTube playlists. If you’d like to see more of the videos I collect you can check out my profile (that doesn’t have any public videos uploaded sadly but is very pink) you can check it out here.

And now on with the epicness! This couple was one of this show’s highest of high points and were a joy to watch. They had one of the most innocent yet passionate love of all the couples featured in this tribute. Their love was even powerful enough to transcend frequent mind wipes.

Posted by Eminemgirl814

Another Joss couple that had a lot of hardship and took WAY too long to get together. I loved these two from the start and are two of my favorite characters from the show. When they finally got together it was a major fist pumping moment. And then I saw River looking down at them and was disturbed.

Posted by danigirl00

Dear Dean, I’m single, look kind of like Rory Gilmore, love books (but not the kind Rory would read, think more Lorelei), have a 4.0 and am madly in love with you. Please drive your truck over to the Mid-West ASAP. Please and Thank You.

Posted by blondiebabex341 Read more…

Reliving My Youth Through Masterpiece Theater & Matt Smith

June 11, 2011

Words by Me, Original Photo Source: Click for Full Size

I’m incredibly surprised this didn’t spawn more fan fiction than it did (maybe I need to look beyond YouTube for fan fiction?). The reason this post came about is the fact that roughly two weeks ago I watched this movie (I’ll tell you the name in a minute) and had an epic fan girl moment, or five. Than today I watched the sequel and have deemed today a good day to talk about what brought on my massive fan girl moments.

When I was a tween I read, a lot. I had a thing for historical fiction back then. My mother had always pushed and supported it for its educational benefits so it became a habit to look for it in my free time. One day I happened upon two novels in the teen section¬†of the library, The Shadow in the North & The Tiger in the Well, books 2 & 3 of the Sally Lockhart trilogy by Philip Pullman of Golden Compass fame though I couldn’t get into that one at all. Perhaps I’ll try it again some time. The books looked wonderful, a Victorian mystery novel with a smart and assertive young heroine? Sign me up!

I found the first book, The Ruby in the Smoke, through interlibrary loan and loved it. Frankly I liked the whole trilogy but Ruby was my favorite though the ending of Tiger was pretty awesome. I’d forgotten about the trilogy up until a few weeks ago. I’m not sure why, a cursed ruby, a magician that’s the key witness to a murder, someone who’s been plotting to destroy your life and take away everything you love? How could I forget that? But I did.

Enter my new Doctor Who obsession. I was hitting up to look up the careers of some of my favorite actors from the show when I stumbled upon Billie¬†Piper’s (Companion Rose Tyler) complete acting career. And what should I see? Masterpiece theater movies, specifically the Sally Lockhart Mysteries. Yes the first 2 books were turned into movies and are the reason for this post. Because not only was Billie Piper the titular star of the movies but current doctor Matt Smith was in it as well. (Devoted Who fans are now nodding their heads as everything makes sense now.) Rose & Doctor 11 have yet to appear together but I have hope. (Fun fact, he has however guest starred on her show Diary of A Call Girl.) So this movie was a double treat for me, Who & my early teen years wrapped up in two movies and¬†lucky for me the movies were pretty awesome. Read more…